Planets activating the Uranus/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: An unusual and/or unpredictable personality. To have fast and/or surprising reactions to stimuli. To be seen by other people as unique, original, and/or highly distinctive. One does not easily fit into accepted categories, and, in fact, may rebel against them. One who changes or experiments with one's outer appearance.

Process: To free oneself of the limitations of one's own identity. To try on different roles and images. To overcome the projections that other people place on oneself.

Sun: Unusual and/or unique means of going about the fulfilling of one's goals. A person who feels it is important to be themselves and to live under as few restraints as possible.

Moon: The emotional need to be free and open in relating to others, and to not have to fit into accepted patterns of behavior. To feel vulnerable about one's own uniqueness. Security derived from being independent.

Mercury: Thoughts are expressed in a highly original manner which carries one's own unique personal stamp. A person who has a unique or striking way of saying things. The ability to see each idea and situation as new and unique. Cleverness in labeling things, or inventing names for them.

Venus: One is admired or found attractive due to one's unique or unusual personality. A love of relationships that are unusual, different, or full of surprises. One finds beauty in anything that is unusual or experimental. A love of relating in an unpredictable manner.

Mars: One asserts oneself in a highly independent manner that might shock, surprise, or intimidate other people. A person who is intent on doing things in his own way, and who rebels against being told what to do or how to do it.

Jupiter: To express one's enthusiasm in an uninhibited, erratic and/or impulsive fashion. One who is self taught, and/or has one's own way of learning. To be excessive as a means of asserting one's independence.

Saturn: The guarding of one's independence. To be sensitive or touchy about maintaining one's freedom. To be shy or bashful about being different and unique. The older one gets the more one is overt about one's own uniqueness.

Neptune: One has intuitions about the real nature of things that is hidden behind their outer appearances. A refined way of presenting oneself as a unique and distinctively different individual. To be confused by sudden occurrences in relationships.

Pluto: To catch people off guard and surprise others as a means of asserting or gaining power over them. To be intensely strange in one's outer appearance or demeanor.

Node: To seek out groups or individuals who will allow one to be oneself and to be open and uninhibited. A need in this lifetime to free oneself from labels and to allow one's own identity to develop on its own, rather than be overly conditioned or restricted by the expectations of other people.

Midheaven: One's spiritual path involves overcoming the restrictions of labels, and creatively and experimentally playing with identities. One career involves a unique or distinctive way of doing things.


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