Planets activating the Uranus/Neptune midpont

Principle: The originality and uniqueness of one's imagination. The freeing up of one's imagination and intuitive perception, which can induce visions and revelations. Upsets which cause confusion and derangement, the purpose of these being to open the consciousness to higher realities. The refinement of one's own special gifts and talents. The way one relates to the mass consciousness and all of its beliefs and biases.

Process: The opening of oneself to other realities. The expansion of consciousness. The freeing up of one's powers of intuition.

Sun: The ability to bring hidden truths and realities to light. One's goal is to find one's own unique way to further the evolution of humanity.

Moon: One feels many things, including the emotions of other people as well as the emotions of humanity as a whole. A richness and subtlety of feeling that is wonderfully cosmic.

Mercury: A mind steeped in cosmic realities. To think in highly subtle and expanded terms. One's communication is visionary, even ecstatic. A mind fraught with strange confusions.

Venus: An expanded and visionary love nature. Reveling in romance. A love of all that is other worldly. A love of art which is cosmic, unusual, and and/or which expresses the energies of the mass consciousness of humanity.

Mars: A cosmic passion. One who is willing to work hard to fulfill a personal vision, and/or to help humanity. One's action may be ineffective due to being erratic, vague, too diffused, and/or ungrounded.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for contributing to the evolution of the whole world. A willingness to explore the hidden realms and to work with subtle energies, as well as a strong potential for success in this. At worst one may be overly grandiose, to the point of being unable to focus one's energies.

Saturn: To be afraid of exploring other realms, and yet one has a deep inner calling to do so. The need to take other planes of existence as well as one's intuitive insights seriously. One delves into all of these things, but tends to do so gradually and slowly, often with much questioning of them, and of oneself.

Chiron: One's vibration brings a subtle cosmic element to everything one touches and every person one meets. Healing others through making them aware that they are much greater, more powerful, and wiser than any and all of their problems.

Pluto: A driving urge to delve into cosmic realities and to see and know what is beyond physical reality. To be extremely impacted by the energies of the mass consciousness. Subtle forces, beings from other dimensions, and all sorts of other hidden energies intrude on one's reality, and if one resists these they become all the more insistent. Hence a need to give in to the process of liberating one's inner vision.

Node: In this lifetime one need to explore one's visionary nature and to allow inspirations and intuitive insights to come forth.

Ascendant: One's personality has an ineffably cosmic quality that may manifest as charisma. One identifies strongly with helping humanity to evolve and to be uplifted into a higher and more expanded spiritual plane.

Midheaven: One's career involves helping humanity. The need to seek security in spiritual terms, and to help the world to see beyond the illusion of physical reality.


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