Planets activating the Venus/Chiron midpoint

Principle: The ability to appreciate how all situations – even ones we would usually think of as negative -- can further ones spiritual growth. Seeing beauty in people, things and situations that others might not recognize as beautiful, and helping others to enjoy that beauty.

Being a soothing presence to all those around one, a kind of healing balm, even when one may not be trying to do so. Helping others to be at peace and to enjoy life, as well as to see their own personal beauty and worth.

Chiron aspecting Venus helps to heal selfishness by coming to a deep understanding of its root cause, which is fear.

Alignment of aesthetics with the highest aspect of spirituality. William Blake had a Chiron/Venus conjunction.

Process: Attunement to all forms of beauty and through this bringing the energy of beauty into the world to soothe, uplift and calm others. The channeling of spiritual love into physical reality.

Sun: One's presence has a centering and calming effect on others. One brings to light hidden values which were possibly unsuspected by others, as well as the deeper values of everything. The overall effect of this is to promote the realization that we live in a rich universe of endless treasures.

Moon: The ability to feel love everywhere and in everything and to contact an underlying sense of peace and fulfillment even in the midst of the most difficult of emotions.

Mercury: The ability to communicate in a way that promotes peace and love and helps others to understand the value of all ideas. Communicating about the spiritual aspects of art. The communication of spiritual love.

Mars: Helping others to work together and to directly confront contacts while yet deeply realizing that different desires and outlooks are all of worth, and that conflict, if seen in its clearest aspect, is always constructive and valuable.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm and expansiveness that is generous and loving toward all and which promotes an awareness of the deepest and most meaningful values inherent in everything.

Saturn: Difficulties encountered in love, as well as lack of gratification in life and lack of prosperity encourage one to recognize the deeper value of all one's experiences, and eventually to come to see that one is truly rich.

Uranus: One has an inspired, creative, and unique way of being able to tune others into love and help them to see the beauty and richness of everything around them.

Neptune: To intuitively perceive the hidden beauty that is everywhere around one, and to be healed by this perception, as well as being able to potentially use it to foster the healing of others.

Pluto: A burning desire to find true love. The beauty of the universe calls persistently to one

Node: To connect with others in a profoundly loving way, which helps them to attain greater peace and a deeper appreciation of the beauty of the universe. Connections with others that transcend all selfishness.

Ascendant: One's personality exudes a loving and peaceful aura which creates an atmosphere of harmony and accord around one.

Midheaven: Helping others to see the true value of all that is around them is central to one's life mission. The ability to be receptive to the love that is everywhere around one.


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