Planets activating the Saturn/Uranus midpoint

Principle: The tension between old, established patterns, and new ways of being. The desire to be safe, orderly and organized conflicting with the desire to experiment and try different things. This combination signifies the need to take your own unique abilities and gifts seriously. It can bring the urge to break out of old programming and restrictions but also feeling a fear of doing so. It can also mean flashes of insight into what is wrong, and, potentially, receiving inspirations as to how to fix it.

Process: The gaining of insights into one's limitations. The realization of the true meaning of freedom and independence. The deeper spiritual implications of all those qualities which make one a unique individual.

Sun: You know it is important to find out who you really are, and what it is you really have to give, but doing so can take time and requires patience. Vitality harmed by repressing the urge to be free. You are able to bring to light your own unique vision of spirituality.

Moon: A person who is highly sensitive to others having negative reactions to their individuality and uniqueness. A desire to let go of emotional insecurities, but a fear of doing so.

Mercury: A highly unique way of structuring ideas. A need to speak freely about things, yet caution or fear about doing so. Cleverness in combining new ideas and methods with old, traditional ones.

Venus: To feel inhibited about openly showing affection. A love of art that experiments with structure. To be attracted to people who protect their own individuality and uniqueness and who refuse to compromise it in any way they don't have to.

Mars: Actions that cause unexpected and negative reactions. The ability to act in a way that balances openness and freedom with caution. Anger caused by a negative reaction to one's own uniqueness or differences.

Jupiter: The ability to synthesize the old with the new. To feel positive about eventually attaining freedom and liberation, no matter how long it takes. A wealth of ideas or plans concerning how to integrate what is already established with innovations. A philosophy of life that combines traditional ideas with one's own unique concepts and way of looking at existence.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to overcoming their fear of being themselves, and can even help them to see the spiritual significance of that which they uniquely have to offer. You also help others to realize their own unique insights into spirituality.

Neptune: The ability to subtly or even subliminally integrate the old with the new. One's imagination may have a profound originality. You feel that your spiritual obligation is to offer something unique, distinctive, and/or original to the world, but you may have to do deep soul searching to come to an understanding of what is is.

Pluto: The ability to completely transform structures and to make radical innovations. To feel extremely and relentlessly pressured by a pull between the structure you already have and the need for growth into greater freedom.

Node: The need to connect with people who will take your individuality and unique gifts seriously. The tendency to repress oneself and have a difficult time being open when connecting with others. In this lifetime you are learning to take your own uniqueness more seriously.

Ascendant: A person who comes across as independent and serious, and/or eccentric and set in their ways. A personal style that combines the traditional with the innovative.

Midheaven: In your work you offer something to the world that is both unique and practical. A fear of being one's own authority, but a knowing that this is something you have to do, and which you will come into gradually the more you mature.


  1. I'm wondering whether the combination of Staurn / Uranus / Moon has something to do with a passion for reviving old stuff - both my brother & i have this in close orb via midpoints & we both have a strong attraction & talent for antiques & reviving old houses


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