Planets activating the Mercury/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Leaving behind ideas that hold one in a rut while embracing and assimilating ideas that assist one to evolve. Communication with Angels and other beings beyond the physical realm, whether one realizes this is happening or not, the communicating often happening in ways that one does not expect. Having a sense of the right thing to say that will heal a situation and bring others together. Having the right ideas at the right time come to one due to one’s ability to listen to messages coming from beyond.

Process: Allowing spiritual forces to take over the mind and guide it so that communication eventually becomes full, open, and clear.

Sun: One is capable of bringing to light ideas that can have a potentially healing effect. An awareness of ways to open up new lines of communication and heal mental distortions.

Moon: One is instinctively able to say just the right words or communicate just the right ideas that people need to hear for their own growth and healing. Feelings communicated to others in a way that may help them to heal at a deep level.

Venus: The ability to appreciate how communication happens in many different ways, and on many different levels. The ability to intuitively find subtle ways of communicating love. One's peace and calmness creates an atmosphere in which healing communication can happen.

Mars: The building of new lines of communication as well as the repairing of old ones. The ability to guide any and all conflicts toward something more meaningful and productive.

Jupiter: The ability to expand the limits of healing communication. One's enthusiasm builds lines of healing communication with others.

Saturn: Frustrations and limitations overcome by connecting to spiritual sources which provide one with the exact information and ideas needed and hence further one's evolution. The ability to focus with depth and clarity on those thoughts and ideas which will heal a situation.

Uranus: One is inspired to take just the right approach to heal communicating problems.

Neptune: One possesses an imagination which communicates much healing energy. The ability to subtly, covertly and/or intuitively foster deeper levels of communication and to heal communication rifts.

Pluto: A driving need and urge to heal all breaks in communication and to be understood and understand on deeper and deeper levels. Transformation which happens through the various aspects of oneself coming into deeper communication with each other.

Node: One is automatically drawn to connecting with others with whom one can have healing communications, and who will help one to overcome the limits that one has placed on one's thinking.

Ascendant: One's personality communicates healing energy to others. One's essential sense of being has a way of making others realize how deeply connected they are to everything.

Midheaven: One's place in the world is as a healer of communicating, meaning that you help others to make new and needed connections with the world around them, as well as with themselves.


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