Planets activating the Saturn/Neptune midpoint

Principle: Psychic sensitivity, which can manifest in irrational fear, paranoia, feeling drained, confused, etc. The need to take one's psychic sensitivity seriously, and to protect it. Physical problems whose roots are to be found in one's psychic sensitivity, and which can therefore be difficult to diagnose by traditional medical means. The attempt to combine the ideal with the real, that is, to bring one's ideals into physical manifestation. The feeling of being let down, frustrated, or sad when one's ideals fail to become a reality. The need to stand firm and true by one's ideals and to purify them by purging them of any delusions or distortions, so that one may clearly see the relationship between one's hopes and dreams and physical reality.

Process: The clearing away of confusion and misconceptions. The realization of the relationship between one's ideals and the limitations of the physical world, which leads to the ability to hold on to ideals while yet also being able to live them in some practical, real way.

Sun: One feels that it is important to bring one's ideals into physical manifestation. One's vitality and physical health are easily disturbed by discordant or negative psychic energy.

Moon: The tendency to take in negative psychic energy without knowing it, and then to experience all sorts of negative emotions. One's emotions are soothed by being in simple, natural, calming and supportive environments. The ability to instinctively see those subtle forces that oppress other people.

Mercury: To communicate in a way that is both serious and subtle. Negative psychic energy has a disruptive effect on the nervous system. Frustration due to others not picking up on the subtleties one is trying to express. One's ideas have a confusion and/or chaotic structure to them.

Venus: In love one feels a need to deny the self by putting the other person first. One who is seriously idealistic about romance. The ability to appreciate suffering, and to have intuitive insights into its spiritual meaning and purpose.

Mars: One is capable of acting with subtle caution. Working hard to make one's ideals a physical reality. To be inhibited or repressed when it comes to asserting oneself, and the need to look deeply into the roots of this. It may be because one expects too much from oneself and is too idealistic about the potential outcome of what one does, making it simply easier, psychologically, to not act.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for making one's ideals manifest in physical reality, and a confidence and optimism concerning the possible fulfillment of this.

Chiron: One can potentially heal others by helping them to experience the gap between their ideals and reality, and to perceive that this gap serves the purpose of fostering soul evolution. Helping others to see deeply into their fears so they may be released.

Uranus: One has original and unique insights into problems and their underlying and/or hidden nature, and into the structure of things in general. A genius for finding ways of bringing the products of one's imagination into physical reality.

Pluto: One may be plagued by fears, often of an inexplicable nature, and is driven to get to the bottom of these. A transformation of your life can occur if you are willing to take your own intuition seriously.

Node: To experience strange and/or inexplicable uncertainties and insecurities when connecting with other people. The need to clear discordant psychic energy accruing from connection with other people. The need in this lifetime to clearly define one's ideals, and to work to bring them into physical manifestation.

Ascendant: One who has about them the aura of a being sensitive and delicate. One plays the role of a serious and dedicated idealist.

Midheaven: One's spiritual goal in this lifetime is to define and clarify one's imagination so that it may become a vehicle for one's spiritual growth.


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