Planets activating the Jupiter/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: To have an enthusiastic, open, and generous style. To do everything which much gusto and enthusiasm. One's identity expresses much optimism. The desire and ability to learn about oneself and to grow in terms of how one defines oneself.

Process: The growth of one's confidence and the progressive integration of more and more elements and qualities into one's self definition. The expansion of identity.

Sun: One expresses one's goals with a lot of enthusiasm and approaches them in the same way. One is vitalized by expansive and growing relationships. One's sense of life's meaning is expressed through an exuberant personality.

Moon: The emotional need to grow beyond the limits of one's identity. Feelings are expressed with much exuberance. The enthusiasm one feels for relating comes and goes and depends strongly on one's moods.

Mercury: One communicates in an exuberant style. When feeling insecure there is a tendency to come across as overly self-confident when communicating.

Venus: One loves to relate to many different things. Other people admire and appreciate your exuberant personality. Love enlarges one's identity.

Mars: One takes the initiative to try to enlarge upon and enrich one's relationships. Anger expressed through an overcompensating personality.

Saturn: One desire's to grow in one's identity, but is possibly afraid to do so, or uncertain as to how to do it, and/or may take a long time doing it. Stress caused by the holding back of one's enthusiasm.

Chiron: One has an enthusiastic, generous aura about them which induces others to act the same way. One heals others through being understanding and sympathetic in relating to them.

Uranus: A sudden or unexpected expression of enthusiasm. The growth of one's personality can happen quickly, suddenly, or erratically.

Neptune: Idealism expressed exuberantly. To intuitively know how to capitalize on opportunities. Confusion caused by excessively identifying with other people.

Pluto: A driving need to expand one's sense of self, which could cause one eventually to feel overwhelmed or overloaded. Transformation comes through going beyond the limits of how one defines oneself.

Node: The need to seek out connections with groups or individuals who will help one to expand one's sense of self and identity, as well as become more self-aware. An enthusiastic, encouraging demeanor when connecting with others.

Midheaven: One's dharma in this lifetime involves playing one's role with fulness and enthusiasm. Success in one's work depends on projecting a positive attitude, although difficulties in one's work could come from being overly confident or too eager.


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