Planets activating the Jupiter/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: Enthusiasm for growing spiritually and for learning from elders and those in authority. Success n one's career. The ability to make the most of one's place in the world and to take an optimistic attitude toward it. To be overly intent on rising in the world and attaining a high status as a compensation for feelings of lack in other areas.

Process: The progressive understanding of one's place in the world and understanding of one's spiritual destiny.

Sun: The person places a lot of importance on either growing spiritually and following his dharma, or is intent on rising to a position of authority in the world. Of course, these may both be happening at the same time. One becomes noticed by those in power, or those who have authority. One who has big long-range goals.

Moon: Having a good standing in the world, and/or a high social position makes one feel emotionally secure. The emotional need to grow spiritually, but a tendency to have moods distort the reality of it, so that sometimes you feel dejected because you think you aren't getting anywhere, or, at other time feel elated over your progress.

Mercury: A mind which is enthusiastic about getting to the bottom of things. Thinking strongly influenced by those whom you think have authority. A mind searching for spiritual truth.

Venus: To be attracted to people with authority, or who have a lot of integrity. To love ofor one's work to grow and unfold. To love art that synthesizes many things together. To find it easy to get along with employers.

Mars: To work hard to grow spiritually. Being aggressive about moving up the ranks of ones profession. To be enthusiastic about maintaining a high-mindedness when you do anything.

Saturn: Progress in your career happens slowly and may cause frustration. High hopes for one's career results in feeling dejected. Learning one's career work requires patience and focus.

Uranus: A talent for finding just the right spiritual wisdom that one needs. Sudden good fortune in one's career work, Progress in that realm happens erratically.

Neptune: To feel an obligation to educate the world, or uplift it in some other way. To have career plans that are unrealistic in that they are too big. Confusion caused by being overwhelmed by too many things at once. You need to use your intuition to know how to grow in your career work.

Pluto: A driving desire for success in one's career. An extreme need to progress in one's career, or to expand one's expertise. Stress caused by taking on too much in one's profession.

Node: In this lifetime one is expanding one's connection to positive authority figures, and/or growing in one's abilities to be an authority oneself. The need to connect with those people who will encourage you in your work, or who have something to teach you about your profession.

Ascendant: A personality that expresses much enthusiasm for growth, and exuberantly getting on with the business of living and unfolding. Some might express this in worldly terms, others in spiritual seeking, depending on one's focus and level of evolution.


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