Planets activating the Node/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: Old ways of relating to and being in the world vs. new ways of doing so. The evolution of one's link to spiritual energies. Connecting to one's spiritual self. Negatively this combination may represent the tendency to fall back on limited notions about spirituality, and, out of fear, to seek limited and superficial security rather than growth.

Process: The letting go of old worn-out forms of security and the adopting of new ones. The growth of one's positive and supportive relationship to authorities and authority figures, and the letting go of biases and limited concepts one no longer needs.

Sun: One perceives the importance of growing spiritually in terms of how one relates to the world. Fear can trigger egotism that causes one to cling to old ways of relating to the world. One feels empowered when connected to one's spiritual path.

Moon: Emotional insecurities cause one to cling to old ways of relating to the world, or, one finally realizes that one's true emotional needs are to grow into a more expanded and spiritual way of relating to it.

Mercury: One's thinking and communication are infused with a connectedness to spiritual realities. Negatively, cleverness and rationalizations are used to keep one attached to old ways of relating to the world. A mind limited by its attachment to its insecurities.

Venus: Love causes one to grow in terms of how one relates to the world. A desire for comfort and superficial gratification causes one to hold on to old ways of looking at the world.

Mars: Working hard to advance one's position in the world. To be conflicted about clinging to old ways of being in the world versus new more progressive and evolutionary ways.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic about connecting to the world. Success in evolving toward a stronger connection to one's spiritual path. A rich, full manner of connecting to all of reality.

Saturn: Frustration concerning progress in one's career and one's relationship to the world. The needs for a focused and steady approach to connecting to the world in a more spiritual manner.

Chiron: One's vibration helps others to be more connected to spiritual energies, and to find true security, as well as let go of old sources of security that no longer serve personal growth.

Uranus: The ability to connect to the world in a highly unusual, individualistic, unique, or strange manner. One's path of growth toward greater spirituality is possibly surprising and certainly not of the norm. The need to liberate oneself from conservative notions.

Neptune: Confusion as to how to progress in one's work or one's spiritual path, and possibility to have unrealistic or impractical notions about these things.

Pluto: One feels an intense inner compulsion to grow in terms of one's relationship to the world, and/or to make progress in one's career and/or spiritual work. To feel an obsessive need to hold on to old sources of security.

Ascendant: One's identity is based on holding on to old sources of security. Being able to identify oneself as one who progresses along one's spiritual path is extremely fulfilling, though means that one will have to let go of more and more as one evolves.


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