Planets activating the Pluto/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: To be transformed and empowered by being open and receptive to spiritual forces. An intense and relentless pursuit of one's spiritual path, or to pursue worldly success with the same intensity. Power struggles with employers and/or those in authority. To be obsessed with the need for security, and ultimately to find true security in spiritual realities.

Process: The craving to find a truly meaningful place in the world. The desire to wield social power, either for selfish and egotistical reasons, or for the purpose of positively transforming the world.

Sun: To realize the importance of pursuing one's spiritual path at all costs. One's ego may be caught up in an obsessive desire to achieve worldly success. One's goal and purpose is to transform the world.

Moon: To feel vulnerable to powerful authority figures. An emotional yearning to align oneself with the Spiritual Light. To alternate between moods of security and insecurity concerning one's place in the world and what one is needing to achieve in this lifetime.

Mercury: Thinking that seeks ultimate values and realities. To communicate in a powerfully authoritative manner. To be clever in dealing with power struggles with authorities. A mind that has an obsessive need to get to the bottom of things.

Venus: To be attracted to those in authority or people who wield much power. In love relationships one feels an extreme need to be respected and looked up to. Love relationships can make you feel intensely or obsessively insecure, and/or shake your foundations of security.

Mars: Working hard to create security in one's life and/or to build a reputation and career. To be very active and assertive concerning finding one's spiritual path and advancing spiritually.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for and optimism about changing the world. The desire to either expand one's worldly power or spiritual power.

Saturn: A fear of power struggles with authority figures. Frustration concerning the difficulties one encounters when trying to align oneself with one's spiritual path. The ability to effect changes in the world through being cautious and focused.

Chiron: One's vibration helps others to see the true source of their security and hence to let go of their insecurities. The ability to heal through helping others to become more attuned to spiritual realities.

Uranus: An unexpected and maybe surprising opening up to spiritual realities. Sudden episodes of extreme insecurity. Unique and/or strange experiences that completely alter the basis of one's security and maybe change how one views the world. A gift for being able to attune to spiritual realities.

Neptune: Fantasies about changing the world. The need to tune in to one's inner intuitive voice as a means of contacting spiritual realities. Obsessive insecurities that may be caused by disruptive psychic forces and also which may have no basis in actual physical reality.

Node: To be drawn people who can help one find one's spiritual path, possibly through the stress and pressure they generate in one's life. A strong need to shift one's focus from seeking worldly power to a quest for spiritual power that can be used to help others.

Ascendant: One has a strong need to be respected and/or to be seen as a powerful person. A personality fraught with intense insecurities. One's limited sense of who one is may stand in the way of being able to allow spiritual forces in to one's life. The need to let go of basic assumptions about the self that are restrictive and hence prevent one's following one's spiritual path.


  1. Pluto conjunction Midheaven in the 10th house ( Pluto is transiting my ascendant early next year for year and a half ) I'm trying to get recognition in performing arts . Is there any chance for it ?if so when most likely ?Next possible chances looking at my transits / progressions ? Link to my palm prints and natal chart -


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