Planets activating the Chiron/Uranus midpoint

Principle: The ability to be open-minded and because of this to see things in a new way by freeing oneself from limiting biases. Sudden messages coming from beyond, often manifesting in an unexpected or surprising form. The ability to recognize and interpret omens, signs, and portents. The ability to heal feelings of being alienated, isolated, or cut off. Helping others to bring out their unique gifts and talents and to accept and value their own uniqueness.

Process: The progressive giving up of all biases, judgments and taken-for-granted notions of how spiritual forces may manifest. The ability to spontaneously and by inspiration create shocks and surprises, often of a subtle nature, for the purpose of awakening others to the spiritual dimensions of life.

Sun: To find meaning and purpose everywhere in life, in strange and surprising places and ways. Life's meaning is experienced as ever changing and shifting in the way it opens up new and unexpected vistas of meaning.

Moon: One is aware of the uniqueness of ever different emotion that arises, and even though one may seem to experience the same feelings over and over their subtleties and contexts make them forever new and distinctive. Healing manifests through allowing oneself to be emotionally free and uninhibited.

Mercury: A mind capable of forever finding new, striking, unique and vivid ways of expressing ideas, and of healing others through such communicating.

Venus: An appreciation and love of the uniqueness of each individual, and even each situation that arises in life, and to see that healing may arise out of this uniqueness in infinite and ever-changing ways. Knowing the value of letting go of expectations and appreciating all the surprises and unforseen events that cross one's path.

Mars: To be willing to experiment and to change one's direction and plan of action on inspiration.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm and joyous reaching out that may take others by surprise and help them to be more free and uninhibited.

Saturn: One may find it difficult to be free and open but feels the persistent need to do so. You are caught off guard by unexpected happenings and this can help you to free yourself of needless restrictions and limitations.

Neptune: Insights into the ways that anything and everything can be used for healing purposes. An intuition that receives messages from beyond that can come in many forms, such as portents and synchronistic occurrences.

Pluto: You feel an intense internal pressure to be free and open. The compulsion to overcome expectations, limiting beliefs and agendas so that one may experience the uniqueness of each moment.

Node: Seeking out connections with others who help you explore and affirm your own individual uniqueness and its gifts. A need in this lifetime to let go of the fear of being different and/or alienated.

Ascendant: One has a personality that helps others to open up and be freer.

Midheaven: The need to take a highly individualistic approach to one's career. One's life purpose involves taking a free, open, experimental and independent approach to one's work.


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