Planets activating the Uranus/Pluto midpoint

Principle: An extreme desire for freedom and for change. A complete and potentially drastic revolution. To burn one's bridges behind oneself. Drastic situations that unleash pent-up energy. The growth and evolution of one's own unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

Process: The overthrowing of deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations. Giving in to one's deepest urges to change.

Sun: To have strange and/or highly unique goals. To know that change and innovation are important, and the readiness to confront whatever one has to to make change happen. Sudden and/or drastic turns of events that deeply affect and potentially change the way you pursue your goals, or even the goals themselves.

Moon: Feelings which sometimes come forth with extreme openness and freedom. The emotional need to be oneself, no matter what the cost, and to make change happen. An extreme need to overcome the impressions that others make on one.

Mercury: A highly unusual way of communicating, a genius for communicating in a way that makes people profoundly aware of the need for change. One who has extremely radical and/or original ideas.

Venus: To find beauty in that which is extremely unusual, strange, and/or radically experimental. One's love relationships may go through extreme changes. One is attracted to eccentric or intensely unique people.

Mars: To assert oneself in extremely uninhibited fashion. To engage in extreme rebellion that is potentially highly destructive. Working hard to effect radical changes.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm expressed with a nearly total lack of inhibition, and which may come upon one very suddenly and erratically.. To go to great extremes with much exuberance. A fearless expression of extreme uniqueness.

Saturn: To have an intense desire for change, innovation and even revolution, but to either be afraid of this, and/or careful, cautious, and patient about engaging in it.

Chiron: One's vibration helps others to open up and to be more free, and even eventually to instigate profound changes in one's life.

Neptune: To be able to effect a profound revolution in a subtle, hidden, and/or unseen way. To harbor extremely strange ideals and imaginings. Extreme changes which create chaos and/or confusion.

Node: The need in this lifetime to be more uninhibited and to allow vast and even extreme changes into one's life. To connect with others who will allow one to be one's own unique self, and who will support the power inherent in that.

Ascendant: One has an inherent way of surprising other people, and/or of catching them off guard. A person who cannot be categorized, and who is unpredictable, often in the extreme. One identifies with the role of being a bringer of radical change and/or innovation.

Midheaven: The overthrow of old and worn out ideas. One who can become a radical reformer in the world. Experimental and/or innovative breakthroughs in one's career.


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