Planets activating the Chiron/Neptune midpoint

Principle: A subtle sensing of the presence of helping intelligences, and ability to tap into them for guidance. Seeing beyond others’ negativity, shortcomings and weaknesses into the perfection of their soul, and through doing so increasing its ability to manifest. Ability to transmit love to others in a subtle, hidden, or indirect way. Helping other to recognize other realms of reality. Being a refining and uplifting influence wherever one goes. Tuning others into magic and beauty.

Chiron/Neptune will create life situations that help one to overcome unrealistic idealism, addictions, and fantasies that may be retarding one’s spiritual growth. It can help one to use one’s imagination as an instrument for healing.

Process: The clearing of the imagination of fears and the aligning of it with spiritual forces. The growth of one's ability to accept and trust spiritual messages, and to be able to receive them by attentive attunement to their wavelength.

Sun: To be highly aware of the healing potentials of the imagination, together with the desire to use them in a meaningful way. The ability to bring to light those subtleties that are the ones that will most heal a situation.

Moon: A tremendous refinement of feeling that has the potential of healing others at subtle, hidden levels. To be able to nurture others in a delicate, subtle manner.

Mercury: A mind capale of communicating deeply healing subtleties. Communicating that can heal confusion.

Venus: Love expressed with an intuitive subtlety that can be deeply healing. Relating in a way that uplifts the other person and creates a deeper connection to ideals.

Mars: To act in intuitive ways that bring in those energies needed to balance and harmonize a situation. Assertiveness carried out with an inspired subtlety.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm guided by subtle influences. The ability to understand things in a deeply subtle manner.

Saturn: To be sensitive to subtle influences and to possibly feel afraid of and/or oppressed by them, until one realizes that following the guidance of one's intuition is a key to one's spiritual growth

Uranus: To freely follow one's intuitive impulses brings profound healing. A genius for working therapeutically with subtle influences.

Pluto: To have intense intuitions that will not go away until they are listened to and acted on.

Node: The ability to be aware of the subtle influences at work in all your connections. When you allow them to guide you, healing is the result.

Ascendant: A personality that emanates a subtle healing force. The ability to induce others to have a deeper awareness of their own identity.

Midheaven: Healing visions shared with the world. One brings a therapeutically imaginative energy to one's career. One's mission in life is to clear away confusion and bring light to that which is hidden, as well as to listen to and follow the messages received from one's intuition.


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