Planets activating the Saturn/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: To feel restricted or limited by the role one plays in life. To dislike one's own appearance and/or outer characteristics. A fear of allowing one's identity to change. The need to perceive the spiritual purpose of one's role in life. A person who comes across as sincere, serious, and/or sombre, and maybe laconic. One who is seen as limited or inadequate, or as a wise one or elder. Relationships that are difficult, profound, and which test or try the people involved in them. The slow, gradual unfolding of relationships.

Process: Coming into an awareness of the restrictions imposed by one's outer identity, and finding ways to work creatively with these. The realization of the limitations one imposes on oneself.

Sun: One prides oneself on being a serious, dependable person. One works toward one's goals by playing a serious, dependable role in life. One is vitalized by having deep, spiritual relationships.

Moon: Security comes through having a structured and definite role to play in life. One is impressionnable to negative reactions about oneself coming from other people. Secure, dependable relationships make one feel nurtured and safe.

Mercury: One's ideas are presented in a serious, organized manner, though may be ill-received by people if you have a lack of confidence in yourself.

Venus: A love of being taken seriously. A beautiful way of presenting oneself as having depth and wisdom. One finds it easy to be taken seriously.

Mars: Action carried out in a careful, patient, serious manner. The desire and ability to work on your own limitations and inadequacies.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm is hampered by self-uncertainty. Your enthusiasm comes across as serious and sincere. A positive attitude toward working out the problems encountered when relating.

Chiron: Your very being helps others to identify more fully with their spiritual self, and to overcome feelings of personal inadequacy. You also help people to relate in a deeper more profound fashion.

Uranus: You want others to take your uniqueness and originality seriously. The desire to be free of one's personal limitations and inadequacies. At worst, you ignore them, but can only do this for so long. At best, you see how you really need them because they help you to grow, and commit yourself to working on them as a path toward liberation.

Neptune: To have fantasies about being taken seriously. Deep intuitive insights into the problems, limitations and restrictions encountered in relationships.

Pluto: You are relentlessly pushed to come to terms with the limitations you place on your own identity. An extreme need to spiritualize one's identity.

Node: You play the role of wise one when you connect to other people. The tendency to seek out connections that reinforce all of one's limitations and inadequacies, and the need to seek connections that help one to learn from oneself and spiritualize one's identity.

Midheaven: Connection with authority figures who reinforce one's sense of personal limitations and inadequacies. This is happening so that eventually you will learn to connect more with your spiritual self so that your identity become gradually more in alignment with it.


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