Planets activating the Neptune/Node midpoint

Principle: Subtle and/or subliminal connections with people. An intuitive link with others. The need to use one's imagination in the service of one's evolution. Confusion resulting from one's connections with others. The need to heal confusion by tuning in to one's inner spiritual guidance and allowing its clarifying influence to affect one's life.

Process: The progressive development of one's intuitive abilities. The realization of deeper forces at work in one's connections to other people. Deep intuitive insights into one's past help one to overcome it. The allowing of one's intuition to guide one toward those connections and experiences that one most needs.

Sun: One is aware of subtle and hidden connections, and is prone to them influencing one's vitality. This will manifest as either becoming drained of energy or energized by positive spiritual connections.

Moon: The emotional need to connect to people with whom one feels a psychic affinity. To feel vulnerable to subtle influences coming from one's connections. The desire to find nurturing through sharing ideals with others.

Mercury: A mind which makes subtle connections and which can see hidden correlations between phenomena. A need to let go of confused, impractical and/or unrealistic patterns of thinking and to allow one's mind to be directed by one's inner and intuitive spiritual guidance.

Venus: A love of experiencing the subtlest levels of one's connections to others. An appreciation of the delicate or fragile nature of connections. Laziness here may express itself as falling into daydreaming, idle fantasy and/or wishful thinking, though love may inspire one to evolve one's sensitivity and idealism.

Mars: Action hampered by confusing or muddled connections with others. Anger caused by misunderstandings and/or unrealistic expectations manifesting in one's connection to to others. A need to increasingly allow one's actions to be guided by one's intuition, which will automatically cause one to evolve.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for sharing one's ideals with others. To understand and be able to learn from one's subtle and hidden connections with others and with the world. Confusion or deception occurring in one's connections with others, and which tend to proliferate and get out of hand.

Saturn: To feel oppressed by others but to not know why. This is probably due to an over-sensitivity and an extreme of psychic receptiveness when one connects to others, and can cause seemingly irrational fears to arise from one's connections. The need to listen to the guidance of one's inner voice, but potential difficulty or uncertainty in doing so.

Uranus: Curious and/or surprising effects resulting from one's psychic sensitivity when connecting with others. A unique ability to intuitive tap in to others and to sense the hidden bonds between you and them.

Pluto: An intense imagination that is in danger of falling into stagnating patterns, or in other ways getting one into trouble. One's life may be transformed by finding life supporting and positive ways of using one's imagination.

Ascendant: Unrealistic imaginings and/or fantasies about the self. Idealizing oneself frustrates one's personal growth. The need to intuitively understand one's identity and what has formed it, and to grow toward an ever deeper identification with one's spiritual self.

Midheaven: To be duped by authority figures, or to idealize them in a way that retards one's personal growth. In one's career one makes subtle, intuitive connections with others. One's spiritual path in this life involves the development of one's intuition.


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