Planets activating the Neptune/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The need to allow one's intuition to guide one's progress. The need to listen to the subtle messages coming from the spiritual realms. Unformed, chaotic or confusing energies affecting one's career, which can be resolved the more one listens to and follows one's intuition. A career involving idealism and/or the use of one's imagination, or possibly one involving humanitarian work.

Process: The dedication of oneself to the bettering and uplifting of society. The sharing of one's vision with the world. The free gift of sympathy to all.

Sun: The need to perceive the meaning inherent in the overall patterns in one's life. One feels it is highly meaningful and important to be idealistic about one's career, and to select a career that will benefit and uplift others in some way.

Moon: The emotional need to have a career you can really feel dedicated to. Your ability to intuit how to spiritually advance yourself comes and goes, and you need to be sensitive to these cycles, so that you know that even though you sometimes feel not so spiritually connected you will experience a deeper connection soon. When you feel emotionally down you may get into negative imaginings about your career.

Mercury: To communicate in a spiritually high-minded way. The ability to align your mind and communication with subtle messages coming from the spiritual realms.

Venus: An appreciation of high-mindedness and of spiritual idealism. A love of presenting an idealized version of yourself to the world. The need for a love relationship that reinforces one's spiritual ideals.

Mars: Anger over not being able to manifest one's ideals in the world. Working hard on idealistic projects. One's actions rendered ineffective by an unrealistic approach to one's work.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm that is ineffective because it is based on an unrealistic and/or ungrounded approach to one's career work. Success through humanitarian work. The ability to trust one's intuitions about how to proceed in one's work.

Saturn: To be cautious and careful about not being too unrealistic and idealistic about one's career goals. The need to take seriously the intuitions one's has about one's work and one's own spiritual development. To suffer restrictions or letdowns concerning one's career ideals.

Chiron: Your energy naturally and spontaneously helps others to be more intuitive about what they need for their own spiritual development, and to perceive at subtler levels their spiritual place in the world.

Uranus: A genius for take an intuitive and subtle approach to one's career. Unexpected confusion arising in one's work. The ability to be very creative and ingenious about manifesting one's ideals through one's work.

Pluto: A tremendous idealism about one's career. The potential of sharing one's powerful visions with the world. One's life is transformed by being open and receptive to spiritual messages that come to one.

Node: The need to connect with people who share your same career ideals and aspirations. Working for others who are working for humanity.

Ascendant: One identifies strongly with one's career ideals. One may identify with unrealistic and/or impractical career ideals.


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