Planets activating the Mars/Chiron midpoint

Principle: Assertively reaching out to those who need help and healing, often doing this in subtle, indirect ways that can be quite effective. Working to build a new world order. Ability to transform destructive energies into constructive ones, as well as to apply destructive energies where they are most needed to clear the way for something higher.

Ability to get to the heart of a conflict and hence resolve it or direct it along positive lines, rather than arguing in circles. Having the confidence to not hold back when one senses what one needs to do. Ability to act on impulse without having to have a mental or logical justification to do so.

Process: The growth of one's ability to engage in conflict in the most life-supporting way possible. The power of seeing into the roots of conflict so that it can be healed deeply and profoundly at its root level. To be able to take initiative based on the guidance of spiritual forces.

Sun: One is inspired by the Spiritual Light to act, and needs to not repress those impulses when felt. The ability to bring to light the real and true nature of conflicts and what they have to teach us.

Moon: Feelings that are acted on and/or expressed directly and purely, resulting in a healing of self and situations.

Mercury: The ability to communicate in an assertive and even confrontative way that can serve ultimately to clear away destructive energies and ultimately resolve conflicts. To be clever and pointed when speaking, but in a way that is healing.

Venus: One sees the deeper meaning and purpose of conflicts in relationships, and is able to bring healing to them. An appreciation of how conflicts serve to advance us spiritually.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for being assertive in such a way that healing results. Excesses cause conflicts and a contacting of inner destructive energy that can then be healed.

Saturn: The need to heal conflicts but potential difficulty in doing so, due to fear. The need to heal one's fear of being assertive so that one can then create clear and effective boundaries.

Uranus: A unique and inspired way of taking spiritual action. One need to be free and independent in carrying out the actions dictated by one's High Self.

Neptune: Working subtly, secretly or covertly to help others. One who is intuitively able to get to the source of a conflict and bring healing energy to it.

Pluto: One feels a great internal pressure to act on the urges of one's spiritual inspiration. One's life is transformed by taking the initiative to do what one knows one needs to do.

Node: The need to tune in to one's personal spiritual guidance so that one will know what one needs to do to overcome one's limiting ties to the past and assertively move forward.

Ascendant: One emanates an active, stimulating aura that can help others to be more assertive and deal with life in a more constructive manner.

Midheaven: One's mission in this life is simply to do what needs to be done, and to base this on deeply listening to one's spiritual self and then acting on its guidance.


  1. John,
    You are such a gem .. so often throughout the years- when I have been on a quest to get just “ one seemingly precious”;piece of information” ; it has been YOU & ONLY YOU who has had the answer. MOST IMPORTANTLY .. AN ANSWER WITH THE “ RING OF TRUTH”. Do you do readings. I know astrology a bit but I only have ONE QUESTION. P.S. I just want to GIVE to you for a change. I would consider it a gift to GIFT YOU- joni


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