Deeper Insights Into the Sun/Jupiter Combination

Tyler's closest-to-exact square is between Sun and Jupiter. He and I were talking about the process of de-stressing the energy field, that is, clearing out blockages, so that one might eventually experience the fulness of one's own consciousness, in other words, enlightenment. He said he was tired of hearing how it took time, maybe years, to reach enlightenment. “Why can't it happen instantaneously?” he asked.

I told him that from what I'd read about it it could happen instantaneously. And I sensed that what was really going on was that he knew in his heart that of course, enlightenment could be instantaneous, and that he was frustrated that he hadn't found a way to that.

And though I don't know him that well, I never felt I quite saw the Sun/Jupiter square at work in his personality. But his yearning for enlightenment is a perfect example of it. The Sun signifies one's goals, and enlightenment is the biggest goal of all, I would say the root goal. And Jupiter is enthusiasm. And Tyler certainly has enthusiasm for the goal. But the fact that his Sun and Jupiter are in square signifies that there is a challenge or conflict surrounding this enthusiasm for goals – the point being that the square can potentially turn destructive. In his case it could mean that excessive enthusiasm for the goal could evoke a negative reaction – of what sort, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing frustration, or maybe exhausting himself by ceaselessly and desperately trying different means to reach the goal, but to no avail.

The fact that this is his closest-to-exact square, means it is his biggest challenge. The healing of it, I think, is to be found by allowing himself to HAVE his great enthusiasm for goals, but not to allow the enthusiasm to chaotically spill forth to the extent that it defeats itself, that is, causes him to do TOO MUCH or go TOO FAR and thereby frustrate or inhibit the reaching of the goal.

Uranus is within one degree of his Jupiter, meaning that it also squares his Sun. Uranus signifies the quest for ultimate freedom and the ability to be utterly true to one's dharma. Uranus's rebellious urges can and do often backfire, destroying the chances for the freedom that Uranus is seeking. What ultimately redeems Uranus is INSPIRATION – the ability to act out the urgings of one's pure creativity, unadulterated by the ego and its defenses. And so it is in this inspirational way that Tyler is wanting, needing, and trying to direct this tremendous enthusiasm (Jupiter) for the Ultimate Goal.


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