Planets acivating the Moon/Jupiter midpoint

Principle: A wealth and richness of feeling. The tendency to go to emotional excesses. To be accepting of all emotions. A willingness to share feelings and the encouraging of others to share theirs. The emotional need to connect with one's spiritual self. Feeling overwhelmed by too many impressions and/or vulnerable to too many things.

Process: Accepting and learning from all one's emotions. Reaching out to others on a feeling level in an increasingly rich and connected way.

Sun: One feels vitalized when there is a free flow of feeling between oneself and others. Positive feelings cause one to feel strong and centered. One knows the importance of accepting one's feelings and enjoying them.

Mercury: One communicates with a wealth of feeling and has an abundance of insights and perceptions. One things about many things and has a great number of ideas. The ability to speak in an enthusiastically emotional manner.

Venus: An enjoyment and appreciation of anything that displays a wealth of feeling. The love of exposing oneself to many different types of things. like being flooded by impressions or simuli.

Mars: In expressing anger one may be excessively emotional. Asserting oneself with a wealth of feeling. The person is at their best when they act at a time that feels right to do so.

Saturn: Having much feeling, but tending to hold it back, maybe out of fear or because one feels one will receive back disapproval. Fears which manifest as an over concern for the security of oneself and one's loved ones.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to get more fully in touch with their feelings and to accept them. You inately encourage others to feel greater security and faith in the workings of the universe.

Uranus: To have a situation suddenly work out. To be surprised by many things happening at once, or in a short space of time. The free and uninhibited expressing of feelings which may be grandiose and/or excessive.

Neptune: To become psychically drained by too many incoming impressions. Idealism expressed with a wealth of feeling. The possibility of enjoying being confused. Being pulled in many different ways causes confusion.

Pluto: To feel many things very intensely which at worst can make it difficult to focus. The need to guard against going to emotional excesses without repressing one's emotions. To feel pressurized by one's daily life being filled with too many things, and hence a pressing need to prioritize.

Node: The ability to generously share one's feelings when one connects to other people. An excess of emotional attachment to the past. The need to enthusiastically embrace new experiences.

Ascendant: One's personality displays a wealth and abundance of feeling. One plays the role of a nurturer who encourages, uplifts, and offers approval. The potential of feeling overwhelmed in a relationship.

Midheaven: One's work involves helping other people to come together harmoniously and to share their feelings with each other. A career that involves the successful nurturing of people.


  1. Jupiter-Moon midpoint may also represent popularity... And wellness...

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  3. Good one Doudou, thanks! I have it on my asc on a relocation chart to a certain place


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