Planets activating the Sun/Saturn midpoint

Principle: Difficulty in developing self-confidence. The slow attainment of goals through hard work. The more one focuses on spirituality the more confident one becomes. A need for discipline when working toward goals. Questioning the meaning of life. The need to understand the meaning and purpose of the difficulties and limitations one encounters in life.

Process: The realization of the meaning and purpose of all limitations and difficulties in one's life, so that they are approached as learning processes and assimilated fully so they do not have to be repeated.

Moon: Security comes from having definite goals and/or working toward them in a disciplined manner. An emotional need to understand the meaning of life. Periodic moods in which one feels a lack of self-confidence. To organize one's life around a central purpose gives one a feeling of security.

Mercury: To communicate in a purposefully careful manner. A lack of confidence when communicating. Holding steadily to a definite purpose when communicating. A mind that is able to focus on goals and shut out everything else.

Venus: A lack of self-confidence in love relationships. One who appreciates the need for a careful and gradual attainment of goals. The tendency to think that one is less attractive and/or valuable than one really is. Appreciation of the deeper spiritual significance of life.

Mars: Lack of self-confidence when asserting oneself. Doing things in a carefully controlled and purposefully organized manner, always with an eye on long-range results. Working too hard depletes vitality.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm for the patient and persistent attainment of goals and for working toward them in a focused and organized manner. One's enthusiasm is inhibited by a lack of self-confidence. Enthusiasm for finding the deeper spiritual meanings at work in life.

Chiron: Your energy helps people to feel better about themselves by becoming aware of the spiritual meanings behind the various hardships in their life.

Uranus: Original and unique ideas concerning the deeper spiritual meanings of life. A genius for perceiving meaning in structures and the way that meaning itself is structured. One derives a feeling of freedom when pursuing goals in a disciplined manner.

Neptune: Subtle insights into the deeper meanings of life. Uncertainty about how to structure one's life so as to meet goals. Being too idealistic about the self causes a lack of self-confidence. Idealism impels one to deny present gratifications so that energy is conserved to reach meaningful goals.

Pluto: A rigid egotism that is obsessive. To be intensely disciplined. A realization of the deeper meanings of life transforms one's existence. The relentless feeling that life lacks meaning, and a desire to find deep meaning in it.

Node: The need to learn how to be more disciplined in this lifetime. Possibly the tendency to associate with people who lessen one's self confidence, and a need to connect with others who help one to attain a true and real self-confidence.

Ascendant: One's outer demeanor has a rigidly egotistical quality, or a lack of confidence, sometimes with the latter causing the former. One comes across as having important ideas of great wisdom to impart to others.

Midheaven: The slow and patient attainment of career success. To be known in the world for one's bringing to light the deeper spiritual truths of life. Lack of confidence concerning ones work, with a tendency to gain greater confidence in it as one grows older.


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