Planets activatingt the Sun/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The relationship between one's ego and one's profession or life's work. To be proud of one's work and able to do it with confidence. To be conscious of and objective about one's security. Awareness of one's spiritual path in this lifetime. A conscious and centered approach to one's life purpose.

Process: The development of one's spiritual self-confidence and ability to play the role of guide and parent to those who need it.

Moon: The emotional need to feel that one's work is important and/or that one is adept at doing it, and to feel that one has a meaningful relationship to the world at large. To feel vulnerable about how good a job one is doing. An instinctive understanding of what one's life purpose is.

Mercury: The ability to communicate in a confident and authoritative manner. The attempt to remain high minded and mentally focused. A mind that desires to deal only with what is important. To have thoughts about one's long-range career plans, and the ability to ingeniously find ways around any blockages to the fulfilling of them.

Venus: A love of being a part of big and important projects that positively affect the world. A desire for relationships to be spiritually meaningful. Attraction to anything that reveals the meaning and purpose of existence. One may find it easy to receive recognition in one's career. An appreciation of authority figures who are adept at what they do.

Mars: One who is very conscious about the meaning and purpose of what one is doing, and who desires one's actions to move one toward one's spiritual goals. To feel conflicted about what is most important for one to accomplish. Negatively, an aggressive projection of one's self-importance onto the world.

Jupiter: The desire to grow in one's profession and the ability to gain recognition for the success one achieves. The tendency to feel confident that life has meaning and purpose. Focusing excessively on one's career purpose or one's spiritual path may become self-defeating.

Saturn: The slow attainment of recognition in one's career. Feeling sensitive about one's place in the world. A lack of self-confidence in one's work or profession. One may feel uncomfortable receiving recognition for one's work.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to be more aware of spiritual forces, as well as imbuing them with greater confidence in channeling that energy to the world.

Uranus: Bringing something unusual to one's career. An independent approach to career concerns. Rebelling against the status quo. Sudden insights into the meaning of life.

Neptune: Doubts about one's career, and the importance of it. To be idealistic and/or impractical about one's work. Difficulty in being clear about one's objectives in life. A craving for a more spiritual relationship to the world. The ability to intuit what one need to do to follow one's spiritual path.

Pluto: An intense craving to be an important person, and/or to play a meaningful part in the world, with the potential of eventually becoming so burnt out on this that one's spiritual path is finally made clear to one. Obsessively placing too much importance on one's security. One feels tremendous inner pressure to attain mastery in one's career and to follow one's heart's desire.

Node: The need to connect with people who realize the importance of one's work. One's spiritual path involves becoming more aware of one's place in the world, and finding true meaning in that place.

Ascendant: One projects oneself as being a master or an authority, or as being an important person in the world. At best this empowers others to feel the same way rather than feeling in any way diminished.


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