Planets activating the Venus/Jupiter midpoint

Principle: Enthusiastic appreciation. Generosity in love. A generous display of feeling. To encourage and support the loved one. Luxury and lavishness, too much good food, too much spending. Money wasted. Many things of value come to you easily. One can become popular easily, but negatively other people may resent you or feel jealous because of your beauty, attractiveness, or because they think everything comes easily to you. To reach out too much to the loved one, creating a situation where one takes on more than one's share of responsibility in the relationship.

Process: The expansion of one's ability to love. The realization of the truth that the universe can provide endless abundance.

Sun: One feels it is important to be generous and loving. One's self-esteem is based on enthusiastically loving others, or negatively on one's superficial beauty, having a lot of money, amassing treasures, etc.

Moon: Emotion expressed freely, easily, and generously. A lavishly affectionate disposition. Emotional insecurity causes one to be self-indulgent.

Mercury: To be alluring, seductive or flirtative when communicating. To give high praise to something. Ideas of beauty and value come to one easily.

Mars: To assert oneself in a way that charms other people and puts them at ease. To have a passion for indulging in luxuries.

Saturn: To be suspicious about people who reach out to you. To desire luxuries but to hold oneself back from obtaining them. It may take one a long time to open up to others, but when one finally does, there can be a warm, generous sharing.

Chiron: You intuitively help others to access the love which is there all around them and always ready to be taken in. You communicate a subtle feeling that abundance is to be found everywhere, and have an expansive and enriching effect on all relationships.

Uranus: To gain praise, acceptance, adulation and approval for one's uniqueness and special talents. To be unpredictably impulsive about the obtaining of luxuries. One is uninhibited in the lavish display of one's affections and attractions.

Neptune: One fantasizes about luxuries and grandiosity. A lush, rich imagination that revels in the warmth of love. To radiate an ethereal beauty. To be impractical where luxuries are concerned. Overindulgence leads to a dissipation of one's energies.

Pluto: To exude an intense magnetic quality that others find exceedingly attractive. To grow and evolve through the process of being generous. An obsessive compulsion to be wasteful.

Node: The need to enlarge one's ability to love and to appreciate life in this lifetime. Seeking out connections with people who are as enthusiastic about their values as you are. To connect to others in a loving, generous manner.

Ascendant: One loves to look good and to get the attention and approval of others. The desire to wear beautiful clothes and jewelry and to be associated with finery. A warmly affectionate disposition.

Midheaven: To grow spiritually through generously loving others and enthusiastically sharing one's appreciation for life. Often one is blessed with a fortunate, prosperous career.


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