Planets activating the Moon/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The highest attainment possible for one's emotions, meaning the achievement of clarity of feeling and instinct, as well as development of the ability to effectively care for and nurture others, and to play the part of a loving parent. The ability to be receptive and impressionable to spiritual forces and influences.

Process: Development of the ability to be open to guidance by spiritual forces and to maintain emotional attunement to their energy.

Sun: One's purpose in life centers on clearing the emotional body so that exalted feelings may shine forth. The ability to remain constant and relatively undisturbed by the ever-changing conditions that occur in one's career.

Mercury: Communication that is emotionally uplifting. One's thoughts and ideas have an exalted, spiritually nurturing quality.

Venus: To experience emotional exaltation when one is loving another. In love one opens up (becomes vulnerable to) spiritual forces. An attraction to art that has a cosmic feeling. The appreciation of the fact that spirituality manifests through everyday and common experience.

Mars: To feel anger if one's feelings are not acknowledged or respected. One is assertive about playing a nurturing role in the life of another person and/or people in general. The desire to take action to alleviate suffering and to bring greater comfort and security to other people.

Jupiter: A wealth of exalted feeling. Enthusiasm for nurturing others equates with one's mission in life.
To generously play the role of mother to other people.

Saturn: Difficult emotional growth. The desire to feel exalted emotions but fears and restrictions get in the way, and one must work through them slowly and gradually over time.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to be more receptive and impressionable to messages and impulses coming from the spiritual realms. You also help them to get in touch with how they feel about their place in life and what type of life work would be truly emotionally fulfilling for them.

Uranus: One has the ability to experience and project exalted feelings in a highly uninhibited fashion. Emotional growth comes through realizing one's own individual and unique feelings as apart from the generalized emotions of other people or the mass consciousness.

Neptune: Feelings concerning one's relationship to the world are confusing, overly idealistic, or unrealistic, often involving fantasies of fulfillment that ignore problems and challenges. Or, one has profound intuitive insight due to one's being receptive to higher spiritual energies. Emotional security comes through holding steadily to exalted ideals.

Pluto: A relentless desire to let go of lesser, petty and negative emotions so that one enters a state of emotional exaltation.

Node: Emotional security comes through connecting with others, but one needs to connect with people who will nurture one's feelings and create harmony in one's emotional body, rather than reinforce neurotic and/or dysfunctional emotional patterns.

Ascendant: One identifies with exalted emotions. One plays the role of nurturing parent in life.


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