Planets activating the Mars/Ascendant midpoint

Principle: An assertive personality. To create an identity for oneself. To identify with being one who acts, builds, constructs, or destroys. A strong sexual identity. To destroy one's identity. To strongly identify with what one does and what one produces.

Process: The realization of both the constructive and destructive powers of one's personality. The active acceptance and denial of elements which form and affect one's identity.

Sun: One feels that it is important to strongly and assertively project who one is. One's goals are positively affected by coming across assertively, but if this is too extreme the goals can be negatively affected. One feels self-confident about his ability to do things. One's self-esteem is strongly based on what one accomplishes.

Moon: To do something immediate to gratify one's emotional needs, or to overcoming insecurity. One is vulnerable to the reactions that others have to what one does.

Mercury: One's communications have an aggressive personality, that can come across as stimulating and exciting, but sometimes as hostile or intimidating.

Venus: One is at ease when asserting oneself. One expresses one's values and one's love assertively.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm expressed with assertiveness. Confidence in one's ability to get things done.

Saturn: A fear of coming across as aggressive, and so a carefulness in asserting the self. One come's across as being serious about what one does.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to take charge of their identity more, so that they are induced to identify with positive constructiveness, as well as realizing and changing those aspects of their identity which are self-destructive and non life-supporting.

Uranus: A person who will not be stopped or confined. To express oneself in an extreme way, and possibly suddenly or surprisingly. One asserts oneself in unexpected ways in relationships.

Neptune: To be ready to fight for one's ideals. Conflicts within the personality which are hidden and/or confusing. The need to tap into one's personality conflicts on an intuitive level so that their subtleties may be perceived.

Pluto: A tremendous need to affirm who one is and to assert the self. A relentless self-destructiveness. One is being challenged in this lifetime to be a more positively assertive person, and to work on one's own identity.

Node: The need to develop more effective ways of asserting the self, and to find connections with others wherein one can be productive.

Midheaven: The need to spiritualize one's personal assertiveness, that is, to always assert oneself in such a way that it allows a higher purpose to flow through.


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