Planets activating the Mercury/Saturn midpoint

Principle: The organization of ideas. Practical thinking. Difficulty communicating, which may be caused by one's own inability to effectively form and/or define one's ideas, or by the other person not wishing to hear what one has to say. Negative thinking. Saying little, and/or the ability to concentrate much meaning in few words. Being unable to hear what the other person has to say.

Process: The clearing of one's mind of extraneous, unnecessary and/or overly limiting thoughts. The development of mental clarity and simplicity. The growth of one's ability to focus one's mind.

Sun: One's ego is characterized by a rigid mindset. The ability to organize ideas in a meaningful manner. Negative thoughts pertaining to one's self-esteem. One places a lot of importance on practical thinking. Difficulty communicating undermines one's self-confidence.

Moon: Mental clarity makes one feel secure. One is vulnerable to the negative ides of others. One finds security in simple and clear thoughts.

Venus: A love of mentally organizing information. The beauty of clearly expressed thoughts. Laziness supported by negative thinking.

Mars: Anger arising from difficulties in communication. An aggressive expression of rigid ideas. Anger manifesting as careful, pointed speech. Uncertainty of thought inhibits action. After much deep thought, and/or soul searching, action is taken.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm which takes into account the drawbacks of any situation and which tries to work around them. Success in organizing thoughts. Taking a good attitude toward difficult work.

Chiron: An instinctive ability to communicate with a profound clarity. To be able to perceive the most important ideas., which leads to greater organization in thinking. A deep sensitivity to problems with communication, and an intuitive ability to heal them.

Uranus: A genius for organizing ideas in a original and/or unique manner. The desire to overcome communication difficulties. The sudden arising of problems in communication. Negative thoughts about how one is different from other people, and a need to overcome those.

Neptune: Negative thinking that dissipates one's energy. Negative thoughts frustrate one's idealism. Holding firmly to one's ideals. Communication problems that are hard to diagnose. To fantasize about having deep conversations with others.

Pluto: Relentless narrow-mindedness. An obsessive need to organize ideas. The need to continue to try to communicate until there is a breakthrough. An intense desire to figure something out.

Node: The desire to seek out people with whom one can have deep and/or profound communication. A need to get out of old patterns of thinking and to find new systems of thought.

Ascendant: A person who tends to keep their ideas to themselves, or who doesn't say much. A person who presents themselves as a serious thinker. The tendency to see oneself as not very intelligent. Uncertainty as to how one's ideas are being received.

Midheaven: The need to spiritualize all of one's thinking. One's work involves the organizing of ideas. The need to share one's ideas with the world, even though it may take others time to understand them and they may not be well-received at first.


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