Planets activating the Sun/Moon midpoint

Principle: The flow of energy and information from the subconscious to the conscious and the process of finding meaning and order in it. The balance between work (Sun) and play (Moon), business (Sun) and pleasure (Moon), and objective (Sun) and subjective (Moon). One's general level of vitality and all the factors that affect it.

Process: One becomes aware of each and every emotion as it arises, accepts all of them them, sees their value and allows them to be come integrated into one's conscious reality.

Mercury: AbiPrinciplelity to balance feeling with thinking when communicating. To communicate with a rich aliveness and vitality. When one is able to think and communicate effectively one tends to feel balanced and energized. One's finds meaning in life through gathering information and using it in contexts where it can be appreciated. Difficulties communicating can upset one's balance and deplete one's vitality.

Venus: To feel a full and complete love when one loves. To be around beauty feeds one energy. One needs to be appreciated as well as to appreciate if a health and vitality are to be maintained. Good relationships and fulfilling romance make one feel happy and complete in body and soul.

Mars: Tremendous vitality manifesting through ones actions. Whole-hearted assertiveness. The ability to balance feeling and thinking when one asserts oneself. One feels that life has meaning when one has things to work on and do. Challenges can be very meaningful and vitalizing.

Jupiter: Whole-hearted enthusiasm. Thriving on hope and optimism. One is vitalized by learning and philosophy and anything which enriches and expands one. One may possibly get involved in too many things and/or over-extend oneself, and this can drain the vitality and generally upset one's balance.

Saturn: The tendency to conserve one's energy and to desire fewer and deeper involvements. One is vitalized by simplicity, spirituality, and by being in an organized and meaningfully structured environment. One assimilates information coming from the subconcious slowly, and tends to delve deeply into ideas, for one is always searching for the deeper meanings inherent in everything. At worst one inhibits one energy by being afraid of making mistakes or of failing, and may tend to be overly cautious.

Chiron: One has the ability to bring new aliveness to other people, and to revitalize whatever one comes in contact with. Healing by bringing to light the contents of the subconscious.

Uranus: To direct one's energies in an independent or sporadic manner, and usually along unique or unusual lines. A whole-hearted love of speculation and innovation. A genius for bringing to light energies in the subconscious. One is vitalized by being able to live freely and by following one's own path.

Neptune: Vitality strongly influenced by one's psychic sensitivity. One is strongly energized by being able to pursue one's ideals and visions. Negative psychic energy may drain the vitality and cause psychic disturbances. At times confusion may feel as if it is taking over one's whole life.

Pluto: The tendency to be obsessive in the use of one's energy and to be drawn with great intensity toward certain activities which one may engage in compulsively. Drastic changes in one's vitality level. One may experience great tension and conflict between one's emotions and one's conscious, objective self. The need to acknowledge one's emotions and to be truthful about how one feels without allowing those emotions to overtake one. The need to find positive and productive outlets for one's copious amounts of emotional energy.

Node: The need to whole-heartedly embrace new experiences. Over-attachment to the past depletes one's vitality. The ability to involve oneself in one's connections in a complete way and to derive a fulfilling sense of meaning and purpose from them.

Ascendant: The ability to project much vitality through one's personality. The need to feel good about oneself and to see one's self as effective and viable. One yearns to be involved in meaningful relationships. The ability to throw oneself wholeheartedly into the affairs of the moment.

Midheaven: Dedication, body and soul, to one's spiritual path and/or to one's career. One wants to feel that one is a meaningful and viable part of society. The desire to master something and to elevate oneself in the world, and/or the desire to grow spiritually and to attain to higher levels of consciousness.


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