Planets Activating the Moon/Mars midpoint

Principle: Passion and impulsiveness. The tendency to assert oneself on the spur of the moment and/or to overreact. Fiery feelings. The tendency to be excitable or irritable. Actions based on instinct. Assertive nurturing.

Process: Refinement of one's ability to act in the moment and to follow one's instincts so they may perform their work.

Sun: The need and desire to channel one's passions into meaningful endeavors. One feels passionate about any goals one adopts and can have strong feelings about whatever one thinks is important. Strong emotional energy fuels the pursuit of one's goals.

Mercury: The desire to be frank, open, blunt, or direct. Communicating in a passionate, fiery manner. Much emotional energy imbues one's thinking and speaking. Saying things on impulse that one might regret later.

Venus: The tendency to be frank and direct in the expression of love. The ability to express forceful emotions in a smooth and even alluring way. Love expressed in an impulsive and/or fiery and passionate manner. A love of emotional conflict.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm expressed forcefully and passionately. Getting carried away with one's passionate feelings. An excess of fiery feelings. One expresses one's beliefs with strong emotion.

Saturn: Repressing one's passionate feelings, and/or being cautious in the expressing of them. If this is done to excess it could pressurize one feelings and cause them to come out in an explosive manner. A slow, controlled expression of anger.

Chiron: Your energy helps other people to act on their instincts, and to clear out destructive feelings, such as anger. You also help them to get more in touch with their passion.

Uranus: A sudden, surprising and/or unexpected display or forceful or passionate feeling. A genius for stirring up others emotionally. To suddenly act on inspiration.

Neptune: To become emotionally fired up by one's imaginings. Idealism that has an emotional forcefulness. A tendency to psychically pick up on the strong emotions of other people.

Pluto: An intimidating emotional forcefulness which may have drastic results. An intensely passionate nature. The need to channel one's negative feelings into constructive channels. The relentless urge to act on instinct.

Node: The need to grow in one's ability to let out one's feelings in a positive and life-supporting manner. Anger pertaining to the past and old situations.

Ascendant: One plays the role of a hot head or of a person who is willing and able to act on the spur of the moment. One is known for one's passionate nature. the seeking of relationships that are emotionally exciting and stimulating.

Midheaven: One is helped in fulfilling one's life purpose by allowing oneself to act on instincts.


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