Planets activating the Mercury/Uranus midpoint

Principle: Independent thinking. Strange ideas. A progressive mind. Thinking outside the box and experimenting with ideas. Sudden communication that can catch people off guard. The ability to say things in an unique or unusual way. A spasmodic scattering of energies that can create upset and/or cause failure due to not putting enough energy into any one thing.

Process: The liberating of one's thoughts from unnecessarily limiting biases. Allowing one's mind to find its own individualized way of thinking and communicating. To explore new modes of sharing information and to free the mind so that it can perceive ideas in new ways and in new relationships to each other.

Sun: To become suddenly aware of something important. An erratic mind can throw one off balance. The ability to communicate in an inspired manner about important matters, or the goal at hand. Independent thinking about the meaning of things, and of life in general.

Moon: An emotional need for open communication. Quickly and/or abruptly changing moods.

Venus: A love of free-ranging talk, and of people who can communicate openly. An appreciation of art that communicates something original and/or surprising. A need for a love involvement with an independent thinker who will stimulate one's mind. Thinking outside the box generates valuable ideas.

Mars: To act with inspired cleverness. To have one's own way of doing things. To find it difficult to fit in with the agendas of others, or to be told what to do. Swift assessment of a situation plus the ability to take quick action. Anger can upset the nervous system.

Jupiter: Success through independent thinking. Generosity expressed as freely sharing one's ideas with others. A willingness to always be open to new ideas.

Saturn: One may have unusual, strange, or bizarre ideas, but is careful in assessing them, and tries to be practical when acting on them. Holding back from free communication. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time creates a difficulty. The need to overcome the fear of saying what is on one's mind and receiving negative reactions from others.

Chiron: To open up the mind of others through communicating. To help others transcend the limits of their own thinking, as well as to realize their own unique thoughts. To free others from the thought patterns of the mass consciousness.

Neptune: The ability to think subtly and/or intuitively. The receiving of visions and revelations. The ability to open up the minds of other people. Inspirations that are of a subtle nature, which could be confusing until one learns how to be attentive and receptive to them.

Pluto: To be very intent on particular ideas which often involve research or experimentation. Mental intensity which could potentially result in nervous difficulties.

Node: The need to be able to share ideas freely with others. Progressive thinking shared in a group context. The need to develop one's ideas.

Ascendant: The desire to be in an interesting and stimulating environment. Fast thinking may create difficulties in relating to others.

Midheaven: An ability to effectively perceive complex relationships and connections. The desire to share innovative ideas with the world. To have a reputation for having unusual ideas or for taking an original approach to one's career.


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