Midpoints (continued)

Akiko has Saturn on the Sun/Pluto midpoint, her Sun and Pluto being in square. Here we see one of the great beauties of midpoint interpretation, for we find that the intensity of purpose signified by the Sun/Pluto square, as well as the potential difficulty of dealing with power issues is colored by a Saturn influence – she tends to be careful and cautious (Saturn) with these issues – she takes them seriously (Saturn). It may take a long time, and patience (Saturn) to work through those issues. She might even be afraid (Saturn) of her own personal power.

I hope people don't get tired of all my planets in parentheses – for students I feel a need to always emphasize the fact that I'm using keywords for planets. “Saturn” in parentheses in the above paragraph always refers to the word or concept that precedes it.

An unusual midpoint I have is Venus on Mars/Saturn. Normally we think of Venus as beautiful, charming, loving, easy, and satisfied. Mars and Saturn, on the other hand are the two planets traditionally known as the “malefics,” or planets of greatest potential negativity. Specifically, Saturn can repress, confine and frustrate Mars. At best it makes the action of Mars more efficient and focused, just as Saturn can positively ground Mars, deepening and spiritualizing its action. And since my Venus is on the midpoint of these two planets I appreciate and see the value (Venus) in these processes.

Venus here also means that when it comes to my values (Venus) I feel a persistent (Saturn) need to act (Mars), as well as a potential uncertainty (Saturn) about what to do (Mars).

That all for now. Love to all.



  1. Hi John, I enjoy reading your astrological insights. How about some more Chiron midpoint interpretations? I found a great little book called Midpoint Keys to Chiron by Chris Brooks but it only touches breifly on natal Chiron midpoints.


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