Planets activating the Sun/Venus midpoint

Principle: Love as a vitalizing and meaningful experience. Art. Aesthetics. Self love both in the neurotic and healthy sense. One's values as they relate to one's long-term goals. To be egotistical about one's own attractiveness and/or value.

Process: To see the enduring and ultimately meaningful worth that lies underneath all passing, temporary and surface attractions.

Moon: The feeling that one needs to be surrounded by beauty and that one actually feeds on it as if it were food. Beauty creates a sense of security. One who is very impressionable to beauty in the arts, and all other forms. One feels emotionally fulfilled by a meaningful love relationship.

Mercury: To communicate in an artful manner and in a way that makes others aware of the value of what one speaks of. An appreciation of the literary arts. To communicate in a loving way that supports and enhance the self-esteem of the other person. To be clever in the expression of love.

Mars: To assert oneself in a way that is centered, artful and smooth. The desire to create art or beauty. A passion for the arts, as well as well as passion in love – usually manifesting in a controlled, centered way.

Jupiter: To have expansive, broad tastes in the arts. To be very generous in the expression of affection and possibly willing to compensate for the shortcomings of the loved one. An enthusiasm for sharing with others in a meaningful way.

Saturn: To feel shy or afraid of expressing love. One takes love very seriously. One is attracted to minimalism in the realm of aesthetics, or to austere, ponderous or heavy sorts of artistic expression. To feel uncertain about one's attractiveness and/or worth.

Chiron: To experience deeper and deeper meaning in love. To free the ego up to feel greater love. To tune people into the beauty that is everywhere and to induce them to open up to the vitality and meaning inherent in it.

Uranus: To need and want independence in a love relationship. To be attracted to the unusual in the arts, and possibly to be in love with unusual or original people. To want to experience love with no strings attached.

Neptune: Idealism in love. To have fantasies of love. To be unrealistic about love. To have highly refined aesthetic tastes. To be confused about love.

Pluto: To love extremism. Going to far in a love relationship. Obsessive love. Finding the person that pushes all your buttons.

Node: The need to share love with other people. A love of connecting with others.

Ascendant: One's demeanor exudes love. A polished, artful way of presenting oneself to the world.

Midheaven: To love the world is one's live path. To channel beauty in the world is one's life's work.


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