Planets activating the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint

Principle: Unbridled enthusiasm. One's own unique (and often inspired) understanding. Sudden and unexpected good luck. To be excessively rebellious, sometimes just for the sake of being opposed to something. To be independently enthusiastic about one's own unique interests. To blow something completely out of proportion or to have an extreme reaction to something. Encouraging others to be more free.

Process: The freeing up of one's ability to learn and to grow. The ability to learn on one's own. The expansion of one's own independence. Learning from accidents.

Sun: To have an enthusiasm for pursuing one's own independent goals. Egotism expressed through a rebelliousness of spirit.

Moon: Sudden displays of extreme emotion. To have a distorted impression of what is going on due to allowing one's emotions and subjectivity to completely take one over.

Mercury: Communicating with an unbridled enthusiasm. Sudden bouts of excessive talking or thinking. A person who thinks independently and who has many ideas about many things. A love of free-ranging thinking and speculating.

Venus: To fall in love very suddenly or quickly, but possibly to fall out of it just as swiftly. A love of anything speculative and/or experimental. To be drawn to people who are extremely independent. To love anything or anyone who has about them an exuberant freedom.

Mars: One's own unique interests motivate one to action. Aggressive rebelliousness. To have confidence in your ability to find your own unique way of doing something. To be enthusiastically uninhibited in the display of one's hostility.

Saturn: A desire to be freely enthusiastic about something, but holding back from doing so, possibly because one is unsure of how one's actions with be construed. A fear of going too far.

Chiron: Your vibration spontaneously helps others to experience uninhibited liveliness and enthusiasm – the joy of release. It also encourages people to cultivate and explore their own individual uniqueness.

Neptune: To over-react to something that is imagined rather than real. To have an exuberantly creative imagination.

Pluto: To have an extreme need to be free and to express the self openly. Personal transformation comes through trusting the inspirations that one receives.

Node: The desire to connect with people in an experimental and/or uninhibited fashion. A need to form connections with people and/or groups who allow one a lot of freedom.

Ascendant: The need to relate to others in an open and uninhibited way, and to have relationships “with no strings attached.”

Midheaven: A person who encourages all people to be free and to value their individuality. One who helps others to accept their own uniqueness.


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