Planets activating the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint

Principle: Richness of imagination. Copious idealism. To help others abundantly and generously. To be unworried and/or unconcerned about material things, and hence the possibility of being wasteful. A person who is easily duped or taken advantage of. An excess of dreaming or fantasizing causes trouble. Enthusiasm over possibilities.

Process: The growth of one's ability to be sympathetic and caring toward other people. The refining of one's understanding.

Sun: Fantasies and imaginings give one a lot of energy and bring meaning to one's life. Much envisioned about the future, but a great deal of it may be unrealistic and/or unattainable. A wealth of intuitive insights brought to light.

Moon: Much richness of feeling. One who is very nurturing and sympathetic. Dreams and imaginings bring one security. A person who gets into moods of cosmic exaltation. One who can be easily taken advantage of when their emotions are brought into play.

Mercury: A very imaginative way of communicating. One who delights in envisioning potentials. A sympathetic and understanding way of communicating. A mind that is excessively idealistic.

Venus: One takes great pleasure in dreaming and speculating. An appreciation of richly imaginative art. A relationship in which the two people stimulate each others' imagination, but which may be impractical.

Mars: To do things based on one's imaginings rather than on practical reality. One asserts oneself based on an enthusiasm for ideals.

Saturn: To be excessively idealistic and then to be let down. Fear that one's ideals will not be realized. The need to be patient, careful and circumspect if one is to attain one's ideals.

Chiron: Your vibration innately stimulates others to open up and explore their imagination. You also have the ability to assist in harmonizing the subtle energies of other people, and of evoking in them enthusiasm for their ideals.

Uranus: To suddenly wake up from false hopes. The need to free oneself from the the unrealistic and impractical side of idealistic imaginings. To have a highly unusual imagination. To have clear insights into the exact kind of help or support that someone needs.

Pluto: Impracticality has drastic results. The need to look deeply into one's imaginings to find out their inner meaning. Intense and/or persistent dreams and imaginings which are there to help one transform one's life.

Node: One may have unrealistic and/or impractical expectations about any individuals or groups one connects with. To associate with people who encourage one's imaginings. A need to find a grounded way to express one imagination. A possible tendency to fall back on wishful thinking.

Ascendant: One comes across as a soft and caring person. To have unrealistic imaginings about who one is. To be a sympathetic person who wishes to help and uplift others.

Midheaven: To bring a richness of idealism and imagination to one's work. One's spiritual path involves uplifting others and encouraging optimism and hope in them.


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