Planets activating the Venus/Saturn midpoint

Principle: Spiritual love. Love hard-won. A lack of love in one's life which at worst can make one cold-hearted. To seek love that is deep and enduring. Simple, classic, and/or conservative tastes. To appreciate things in a profound way. A dislike of clutter. The flowering of love in maturity. To be attracted to older people. A love union that is of a practical nature. Feeling that one cannot connect may lead to a desire for solitude.

Process: The appreciation of the value of limitations and the growth and awareness which they may bring. A continual deepening of one ability to love, and especially to be able to value the challenges and restrictions of life. The ability to perceive the spiritual value inherent in all life.

Sun: One feels it is important to be sincere in one's values, and is looking for meaningful and enduring love. To be aware of hardships and problems in all relationships, including romantic ones.

Moon: The emotional yearning for spiritual love, and/or for a deep romantic relationship. To sometimes exaggerate the difficulties that arise in relating. One's emotional security is based on having spiritual and profound relationships with others.

Mercury: To communicate in a beautifully simple way. A mind that appreciates profound ideas. To think about the problems of relating and romance.

Mars: To be angry about the difficulties and limitations encountered in relationships. To act out of a profound love.

Jupiter: One takes a positive attitude toward the limitations encountered in life, and in general can be happy with simplicity and austerity. The desire to expand the depth of one's relationships

Chiron: Your very vibration helps others to contact the deepest and most profound aspects of love, and to realize the ways they have cut themselves off from love, as well as the fears that caused them to do this. You also help others to realize the beauty of their problems and limitations, and to appreciate how these difficulties are there to help them grow.

Uranus: The desire to be freed from the limitations found in love and other relationships. Strange or unusual problems encountered when interacting with others. A sudden encountering of someone who one feels a deep love for. Embracing spiritual love is one's path to personal freedom and discovering one's unique individuality.

Neptune: The problems encountered in relationships are of a confused or uncertain nature. To be able to perceive what the difficulties in relationships are but to not be able to find a way to solve them. Hidden negative influences encountered in relationships. To fantasize about deep and spiritual relationships.

Pluto: One feels greatly pressurized by a lack of love, money, or other things. A driving need to understand one's relationships more deeply, and to perceive their spiritual dimensions.

Node: In this lifetime one is growing in terms of recognizing what is most valuable to the self and holding steadily to that value. Difficulty in relating to groups, sometimes because one feels undervalued in them.

Ascendant: Difficulty in loving oneself. To feel that one is not a lovable person. A need to appreciate one's own depth. One finds superficiality highly unfulfilling. The need to spiritually relate to everyone and everything.

Midheaven: The desire to share spiritual love with the world. Difficulties in love grow one spiritually. A career combining practicality with beauty. One receives a lack of appreciation for one's career work, or that appreciation comes later in life. A deep and enduring love is what brings security to one's life.


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