Planets activating the Mercury/Mars midpoint

Principle: Passionate communication. Constructive and/or destructive communication. Arguing. Mental conflict. An agitated nervous system. The ability to be pointed and assertive when speaking. Sexual communication.

Process: The building and/or destroying of connections. Using communication in a combative and/or stimulating manner, either for good or ill.

Sun: To argue masterfully. To stick to what is most important when one is communicating, and to not be afraid to say what is on one's mind. An aggressively egotistical communicator.

Moon: The emotional need to be able to say what one things, and to let out anger verbally. The urge to argue or to speak passionately is arouses when one is feeling insecure, or very emotional.

Venus: To express ones love and values in a passionate manner. An appreciation of arguing, and the manner in which ideas conflict. Choosing a love with whom one can engage in verbal sparring, or mental stimulation.

Jupiter: A constructive mind which likes to enlarge on whatever is thinking. An enthusiasm for discussing issues and working out problems. To be generous in supporting and encouraging the ideas of others. A strong faith in the possibility of resolving conflicts.

Saturn: To express one's anger in a slow, careful manner. To fear arguments. Holding back from saying what one thinks. One needs to express one's spiritual truth directly and openly.

Chiron: To be guided spiritually when arguing, and because of this to use the conflict of ideas as a healing device. To say pointed things of a healing nature which carry a potent impact, often without knowing one is doing so.

Uranus: A genius for understanding and working with the conflict between ideas. An original, surprising or unique way of arguing. Nervous energy released through accidents.

Neptune: Arguing in a vague or unformed manner that confuses other people. A subtle and/or covert aggressiveness when speaking. One expresses one's idealism with forcefulness. Arguing about ideals.

Pluto: The relentless urge to communicate, and potential agitation when it isn't working. The need to find better ways of getting one's ideas across. Attempting to gain power over another through verbal hostility or abuse.

Node: Seeking out people that one can communicate with openly, and who aren't afraid to argue. Seeking out people who provide mental stimulation.

Ascendant: Cleverness at repartee when relating. The ability to fire up others when speaking, and/or to aggravate them by touching on whatever they are sensitive about. A person who appears to have a lot of nervous energy.

Midheaven: The ability to express one's ideas with forcefulness and authority. Arguing with those in charge. The need to share one's ideas with the world.


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