Planets activting the Sun/Uranus midpoint

Principle: To realize the importance of one's own individual uniqueness, and to find the self-confidence to express it. The sudden or unusual revealing of unexpected meaning in life, often through inspiration. A change of purpose or direction in life. The ability to see for oneself what is important apart from what other people think.

Process: The realization of one's completeness as an original and utterly unique expression of the Spiritual Light.

Moon: One's daily life is cyclically affected by sudden or unusual shifts in awareness and/or direction. Sudden and unexpected displays of emotion. The emotional need to have others see that one is different and distinctive.

Mercury: Sudden shifts of direction in one's communicating. Cleverness in finding an unexpected purpose behind situations. The ability to think very swiftly and to receive sudden inspirations. Confident freedom and independence in communicating.

Venus: Love expressed suddenly or unexpectedly. Love relationships can form quickly and may also dissolve swiftly. A need for openness and freedom in love relationships.

Mars: Asserting oneself in unexpected ways, or in a surprising manner. To be willing to work hard towards one own individual and unique goals.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm for one's own unique goals. An eagerness for making changes. One who is undaunted by sudden setbacks or sudden turns of events. A philosophy of life that is original, strange, and/or which is based on one's own independent perceptions of life.

Saturn: Shyness about displaying one's uniqueness or differences. To be very sensitive about what places one apart from others. Over time one gradually gains more self-confidence concerning one's individual differences from others.

Chiron: Your energy gives people the confidence to be themselves, and to follow their own individual and unique purpose in life.

Neptune: Confusion caused by sudden turns of events. One's individuality and uniqueness may be very subtle, and might also be misunderstood by others. Intuitions which come suddenly to one, and which can quickly change the course of one's life.

Pluto: Deriving a sense of power, or extreme oppression, from one's most unique qualities and gifts. An extremely intense need to pursue one's own goals in life.

Node: The need to be around people who will allow one to be oneself fully and openly. Spiritual evolution can happen with suddenness and in unexpected ways.

Ascendant: One comes across to others as a vivid personality, and or distinctly orignal. The need for relationships in which the other person will respect one's uniqueness and honor one's independence.

Midheaven: To have an unusual career, or to approach one's career in a highly distinctive fashion. Security derived from having the freedom to pursue one's own chosen goals.


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