Planets activating the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint

Principle: A tremendous desire to learn and to grow, and to acquire power, be it of the more intangible, mental sort, or worldly in nature. Driving, unstoppable enthusiasm. A relentless urge toward excess. The ability to transform how things are organized. To have big ideas and far-reaching aims. Going to great extremes. The persistent urge to do whatever is needed to overcome problems. Grandiosity. Religious fanaticism.

Process: The building up of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to create changes. The transformation of one's life through intense positivity and willingness to grow

Sun: A person with a huge ego. The desire to be a high profile individual. To become a master of great powers. One who has extremely big goals.

Moon: The emotional desire for some form of grandiosity. One who has extremely strong emotions and who desires to see change happen in the world. To be impressionable to big ideas.

Mercury: To study things very deeply. To have an obsessive mind. To think big. To try to figure out a way to change things fundamentally and profoundly. To be highly impressed by philosophical ideas.

Venus: To be tremendously enthusiastic when in love and when relating to others. To desire relationships that are expansive and which grow and can be enriched. The tendency to be very free or even wasteful with money. The desire for a great amount of money. One is attracted to things that are big, overpowering, and grandiose.

Mars: You place high expectations of your own actions, are very enthusiastic about what you are doing, and expect to get a lot done. To go way too far in overdoing something. A person who will not be stopped.

Saturn: A desire to accomplish big things, but difficulty in doing so. A battle between the desire for excess and the desire to control oneself. One's growth is slowed down or retarded. The need to stop being obsessive about outer expansion and to turn toward deep soul-searching.

Chiron: Your vibration stimulates other people to be more enthusiastic and to take what they are doing far enough that they experience a breakthrough or transformation. You can also heal them of obsessive excesses by inducing them to see what it is that they really want. You can also intensity and transform their understanding of life.
Uranus: Having inspirations about how one can use a situation for personal expansion, or as a learning experience, or as a way of furthering evolution. A genius for knowing how to make something grow or evolve. The possibility that one's experiments will be wildly successful.

Neptune: To have grandiose imaginative visions. A tremendous willingness to do whatever one needs to do to help others. To motivate others and evoke great enthusiasm in them for the purpose of deceiving, using, or duping them.

Node: To be a big motivator of groups. To come together with others for the purpose of transformative expansion. One is needing in this lifetime to harness one's enthusiasm so that it can power one's evolution.

Ascendant: A person with a big personality. One relates to the world with a tremendous amoung of enthusiasm. To be willing to change when one needs to, and to overcome the limits of one's identity.

Midheaven: To have a great desire to achieve mastery. To be willing to put tremendous amounts of energy into one's work. The desire to be promoted and/or to progress in one's work. To experience great luck in one's work.


  1. I have the opposite angle of jupiter pluto and this angle is conjunct pluto ascended, jupiter is in my 7th house with my dsc and my sun is conjunct and I have the opposite angle of jupiter pluto. this year my solar map rising to the jupiter pluto midpoint ie 13 degrees in the bucket. thanks to me what can effect


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