Planets activating the Moon/Venus midpoint

Principle: Emotions concerning relationships. The desire to nurture the other person in a relationship. One's relationships are strongly colored by moods. Difficulty in being objective about relationships. Relationships going through cyclic shifts and changes.

Process: The ability to perceive the beauty of the moment and the treasures and gifts that are ever flowing through the present. The giving of love to the past as a means of healing it.

Sun: An awareness of feelings exchanged in relationships and a desire to perceive their meaning and purpose. One feels it is important to take care of the person one is relating to. One is vitalized by the sharing of feelings in relationships.

Mercury: One communicates in such a way as to nurture the loved one. One's communicating is characterized by much persuasive feeling. A smooth and flowing way of communicating.

Mars: To assert oneself in a nurturing and soft manner. Agitation caused by feeling vulnerable in a relationship.

Jupiter: An eagerness to share one's feelings with another, and/or to nurture another. Feelings of love expressed enthusiastically. One encourages others to be vulnerable in relating. The potential of going too far and doing too much when taking care of others.

Saturn: A fear of being vulnerable when relating to others. Holding back on expressing one's feelings in a relationship. Slowly and gradually opening up emotionally to another person. Frustration when nurturing another person in a relationship. The tendency to nurture others by helping them in a practical way, or by being indirect.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to tap into the love surrounding them in the moment, and to love their own past, even the most difficult parts of it. You also have the effect of helping them to be more vulnerable and open in relating.

Uranus: A sudden manifesting of feelings when one is relating. The need to be able to share feelings freely in a relationship. An unusual or inspired way of nurturing others by being able to tap into their unique needs.

Neptune: To be psychically attuned to the emotions of the person one is relating to. To become confused about the feelings being exchanged in a relationship. To be psychically aware of subtle or hidden feelings at work in relationships. Intuitively knowing how to nurture the other person in a relationship.

Pluto: Intense feelings expressed in a relationship. To have strong reactions to the emotions exchanged when relating. Intense feelings of love and possibly an overpowering urge to nurture others.

Node: The need to form loving connections with others. One needs to develop one's ability to share feelings in relationships.

Ascendant: One come's across as a gentle, loving person. One takes on the role of the emotional peace maker.

Midheaven: A career which involves soothing or nurturing other people. One's life path has to do with taking care of other people, and expressing loving feelings to the world.


  1. Thanks for this! I have transitting Pluto coming up to my Venus-Moon mid-point. What will i do with all this emotional energy?!


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