Sign Inclusion in Synastry

A technique which I just devised that pertains to synastry is to check all ten planets between the two charts you are comparing, to see which signs are left out, that is, which signs have no planets in them in either chart. These will represent the types of energies that the two people mutually don't work with. As to the importance of looking at this, I think it will become much stronger if there is just ONE sign that the two people do not have between them. For that means that there is only ONE energy lacking between the two people, which, if consciously compensated for could serve to bring a fuller energy of completeness to the relationship.
Tyler and I only lack Capricorn. For all the other eleven signs of the zodiac, either he or I has at least one planet there. But we both lack Capricorn. And I think what this means is that we need more efficiency – that is to say, what are we doing, and why? Is it practical? How could we get to where we are going with less expenditure of energy? These are all Capricorn concerns.


  1. Lovely, your novel & pertinent position is akin to the premise presented by our gifted astrologers of old, yet taking it to the next level. Our brilliant forefathers held the idea of completing or balancing another through synastry by filling in the other person's blank spots. Do you think that the composite chart has bearing in this dialogue? My new husband & I share a planetary dearth in Capricorn as well, but are quite abundantly "shored up" there through the composite chart Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn :)


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