Planets activating the Venus/Uranus midpoint

Principle: An unusual or eccentric aesthetic. The need for freedom love. The love of unusual things or people. The need to show love in an uninhibited fashion. A love of surprises. One who is unpredictable in relationships. Love connections may arise suddenly and may disappear just as quickly.

Process: The freeing up of one's ability to love and to appreciate all of life.
The ability to see the value inherent in seeming accidents, mistakes, and unforseen occurrences. To love, value and be at ease with all surprises, oddities and everything else outside the limits of one's expectations.

Sun: One feels it is important to relate to others in a free and open way. One long-range objectives are based on one's own individual values, which may be quite different from mainstream ones.

Moon: Feelings of love and attraction that may suddenly arise and also disappear quickly. The emotional need to pursue one's own values freely and independently. To be impressionable to unusual beauty. The emotional need to be able to share freely and openly in a relationship.

Mercury: One communicates in a beautifully unusual fashion. A love of experimenting with ideas. An unusual charm expressed when speaking.

Mars: One is passionate in expressing one's love in an open, uninhibited fashion. One suddenly acts on feelings of love. To be aggressive or even militant about expressing one's own independent values.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for that which is unusual or eccentric. To encourage others to be open. If one is too exuberant about freely expressing love it may intimidate other people. To be excessively erratic in relating and displaying affection.

Saturn: Shyness about expressing one's own individual values. A fear of being open when relating to people. To love the unusual, but to fear being criticized or looked down on for it. Having to know someone a long time before one becomes open in relating.

Chiron: Your vibration helps people to love and appreciate their own uniqueness, to be less judgmental and agenda-oriented about relationships, and to give love and receive love more freely.

Neptune: A refined sense of what is unusual or eccentric. To see the unusual and the beautiful in the everyday world. One holds the ideal of giving and receiving love freely and openly, and being non judgmental.

Pluto: An obsessive attraction to the unusual, strange, or bizarre. To feel compelled to be totally open in the display of affection. One need to avoid using one's own unique or strange attractiveness to gain power over others.

Node: The need to evolve by appreciating more fully one's own individual uniqueness and the special gifts one has. To be able to be uninhibited in the expression of love supports one's spiritual evolution. Seeking out groups in which can be valued as a special person.

Ascendant: To identify with that which is strange and beautiful. An unusually compelling personality. The ability to find unique ways of sharing with others, or unexpected points in common. To freely express love toward other people.

Midheaven: Spriritually one is manifesting the ability to love all things for their beautiful uniqueness, and to find beauty in the most strange and unexpected places. One's career may involve artistic experimentation.


  1. Very interesting stuff. But what about in synastry?
    My Pluto in Libra activates my partner's Venus/Uranus midpoint.... which she already has as a trine, so my Pluto sextiles both. I also have Ceres opposite my Pluto and conjuncting her Ascendant.

    Any input on this will be very appreciated!


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