How to use "Phase Analysis" to Interpret a Transit

I'm going to show you a highly interesting technique, and I'm going to use Tyler's chart to explain it. Tyler is having, in December, Pluto square his Mars. To get a deeper idea of the effect this will have on him we can go to his natal chart and look at the relationship between Pluto and Mars there. What we find is that they are 155 degrees and 55 minutes apart. This means that they are not in aspect, or, at least, in no major, or even minor aspect that we know of. But we can go to the 156th degree of the zodiac to find out the inner significance of the relationship of these two planets in his chart. Degree 156 in the zodiac is the 6th degree of Virgo. Looking at his chart we see that his Nadir is 6 degree and 6 minutes of Virgo, so this transit of Pluto to Mars, even though it falls in his 10th house has a deep connection with his Nadir. The Nadir always signifies FOUNDATION, that is, finding the basis of life, finding our true security. So the transit is to Mars in his 10th house meaning that the powerful, transformative energy of Pluto is trying to perfect his ability to assert himself (Mars), so that he may find his most rightful career (10th house), and that career must be born of his hearts desire (“heart's desire=Nadir=foundation). Pluto, also, is in the 7th house at the time of the transit, so their could be a very big change in the way he relates to EVERYTHING, a change that could be extremely empowering.

The Omega Symbol for the 156th degree of the zodiac, that is Virgo 6 is “Talismans buried here and there along a road so that travellers will be protected.” This degree is about facilitating process, about supporting forward movement, not in just Tyler, but in all the people who he contacts.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A banyan tree that creates an entire forest.” signifying knowledge proliferating and giving birth to more knowledge. This degree is aware of the connectedness of knowledge and the way it spawns more of itself infinitely. I have written in my book “The Circular Temple” that the person with this degree must not be overwhelmed by this vast forest of knowledge, or try to assimilate all of it – to do so would be impossible. It is enough to know that it is there when you need it, and like the crystals of the Omega Symbol can protect and guide you as you make your way toward the Palace of Wisdom.

The main thing I would suggest to Tyler is that Pluto through this transit is trying to help him become more creative and constructive, as well as destructive where he needs to be that way, that is, where destructiveness will serve the purpose of evolution. The challenge with Mars is always how to harness and direct its energy without repressing it


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