Planets activating the Sun/Mercury midpoint

Principle: The purposeful organizing of thoughts and the ability to rank ideas in terms of their relative importance. The ability to communicate objectively. The importance of one's ideas. One's own ideas. Egotistical thinking.

Process: One perceives the relative value of each and every idea and is able to see them as a part of a larger, meaningful pattern.

Moon: The emotional need for clear and objective thinking, and/or to speak of what is important. A tendency to place undue importance on an idea or ideas due to feeling insecure or vulnerable or because of some other emotion.

Venus: Purposeful thinking carried off with artfulness, persuasiveness, and/or smoothness. A love of organizing ideas. One finds it easy to think objectively. A need for objective, rational communication in relationships.

Mars: To assert what one thinks is important. An aggressiveness that comes across as egotistical thinking and communicating. The tendency to always do things with a conscious and well thought-out purpose in mind.

Jupiter: To express one's objective ideas and thoughts about goals with exuberance and enthusiasm. To have many opinions on many different topics. Success resulting from a confident manner of communicating.

Saturn: A slow, careful, or patient way of expressing what one thinks is important. To be frustrated about others not seeing the importance of one's ideas. The ability to figure out what needs to be said, and the ability to say it in a clear and simple way. A sensitiveness to one's ideas being ignored or slighted.

Chiron: To heal through experiencing deeper and deeper meaning in one's ideas, and/or through communicating the spiritual purpose of life. To heal the tendency the ego has to distort one's thinking.

Uranus: An ability to bring to light ideas that others did not see or expect. An usual manner of expressing one's own ideas. Other people may think that the importance you place on certain ideas is strange and/or unusual. To be highly independent in one's thinking.

Neptune: A refined and subtle way of communicating which, at its worst, could be misunderstood or overlooked by other people. An unformed or confused way of putting one's ideas across.

Pluto: One's nervous system experiences stress due to too much intensity. The tendency to obsess on certain ideas, and/or to be egotistical about one's own thoughts. Until one arrives at a true sense of which ideas are most important there are nagging doubts and a driving urge to collect more information or to come to a resolution.

Node: The need to allow oneself to embrace new ideas. The need to connect with others with whom one can share one's ideas – and not just people who will superficially agree, but those who can help one to evolve one's powers of thinking and communicating.

Ascendant: A flair for communicating ideas by expressing them with a highly personal stamp. Relationships may be harmed by communicating that is too egotistical and/or self-centered. To think objectively about one's own identity and outer appearance.

Midheaven: The desire to make one's ideas putlic. The need to align one's ideas and thinking with one's spiritual purpose. The desire for one's own personal ideas to have authority and credibility in the world. One is working in this lifetime toward attaining confidence in communicating.


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