Planets activating the Sun/Jupiter midpoint

Principle: Optimism concerning the reaching of goals. Vibrant enthusiasm with a meaningful focus. Self-confidence which leads to success. Having too many agendas. Either being arrogantly self-confident or seeming that way. Seeming egotism as a cover for feelings of worthlessness. This combination often causes residual jealousy coming from other people.

Process: The continual integration of new material and ideas into one's overall vision of life's meaning and purpose. The gradual transcending of those negative emotions and beliefs which serve to maintain the ego.

Moon: The emotional need to have big goals, and/or to be an important person. The emotional need for a meaningful and uplifting philosophy of life. To feel secure when one has many and/or large goals.

Mercury: Communicating in an excessively optimistic and confident way which may turn other people off. Success in communicating, and possible notoriety for it. A generous and magnanimous way of thinking.

Venus: Success in romance and in relating in general. Generally speaking, success in anything comes easily. A love of adulation and attention. A love of having big, expansive and/or grandiose goals.

Mars: Working to receive recognition for what one does. Asserting oneself with self-confidence, sometimes excessively.

Saturn: Success that comes slowly, gradually and/or through hard work. Carefully and patiently enlarging on ones goals. Possibly a fear of success.

Chiron: Through exposure to your energy people automatically feel more self confidence. You also have the effect of spiritualizing their ego, to the extent that they are ready for this.

Uranus: Attaining success in ways you don't expect, or which are odd or unusual. Success in an unusual field. Attaining success for being original, unique, or distinctly different.

Neptune: Success in applying one's intuition to the reaching of goals. The ability to intuitively sense how all of life is harmoniously linked together.

Pluto: Attaining dramatic or extreme success. Obsessively thinking too big and/or going too far. A relentless drive for recognition.

Node: Connecting with people who can help you attain success in life.

Ascendant: Coming across outwardly as having lots of self-confidence, which may only be a mask. The ability to find a successful way to present oneself to the world. The ability to capitalize on one's outer appearance and demeanor.

Midheaven: Successfully rising to positions of power and/or authority. Success through other people looking up to you, or admiring your integrity. Having a good reputation, and that resulting in success.


  1. why sun and jupiter is not here? what planets activating midpoint means ?

  2. I was wondering the same thing.

  3. HOW COULD THEY BE if the Midpoint is between them ? :))

    1. progressions and solar arc directions.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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