Planets activating the Venus/Node midpoint

Principle: To progress in one's ability to love and to appreciate life, as well as to relax and enjoy one's existence. Loving connections with other people. To seek out groups or individuals that share with one a common appreciation of life. Negatively, laziness and desire for comfort hold one back from progress.

Process: Realizing the limitations of one's love and seeking to love more fully and deeply. Learning to love new things, as well as deepening one's ability to love what one already loves. The evolution of one's ability to rest, be calm, and be at peace.

Sun: One is vitalized by loving connections and associating with people who bring one a greater appreciation of life. One's goals are dependent on one's learning to love and share more deeply.

Moon: The emotional need to connect with others in a loving way. To feel vulnerable about expressing one's love, values and appreciation to groups or individuals. One 's ability to connect lovingly is cyclic and depends on moods.

Mercury: To communicate in a way that is both loving and connected. To think in terms of how to bring greater peace, harmony, and joy to those with whom one is connected. A mind wanting to share its insights with others and to have them be appreciated.

Mars: To assert oneself with an appreciation of how one's actions will affect other people. To take t initiative to form loving connections with others, or to increase the harmony of a group.

Jupiter: To encourage and support love and appreciation between oneself and others. An enthusiasm for being kind and friendly when connecting with others.

Saturn: Fear or shyness about sharing one's love and values with others. Difficulty in feeling relaxed and at ease when connecting with others. To find it hard to let go of old value and adopt new ones.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to appreciate the way they are connected to everything, and also to connect in a more loving and relaxed way. You help them to appreciate the value of their past connections, as well as to appreciate what they most need for their own personal growth.

Uranus: To be free and uninhibited in sharing one's love with others. A unique gift for being at ease when connecting. A love connection that manifests suddenly

Neptune: To fantasize about a love connection. Uncertainty, confusion, or misunderstanding in one's love connections. To feel a subtle love connection with others.

Pluto: A intense attraction to certain people or groups that one intuitive knows will help one to evolve. Personal transformation that comes about through allowing oneself to experience the depth of love, and to allow that love to bring growth to one's consciousness.

Ascendant: A person with a willingness to connect lovingly with others and to share in mutual appreciation. One's identity is enhanced and supported by sharing love with others and by allowing love to grow one.

Midheaven: The highest that one can attain to is to connect with others in a loving way. The channeling of Divine Love to all people.


  1. what if my name asteroid is exactly at the midpoint of someone's venus-true node midpoint?


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