Planets activating the Sun/Pluto midpoint

Principle: A relentless craving for discovering the deepest meanings in life. Striving for personal power, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. Obsessiveness where goals are concerned. The tranformation of the ego into a higher spiritual state, so that it may reflect the Divine Light. At worst, an intense desire for objectivity results in emotional repression.

Process: The intensification of ego pressures to the point that their limiting and blocking qualities are eradicated so that the Spiritual Light may shine forth.

Moon: The emotional need to deeply understand the meaning of life, together with the feeling that this ebbs and flows, depending on one's mood. Being vulnerable to the criticism and negative reactions of other people when it comes to manifesting one's personal power. A tendency to not see the power one has. Being impressionable to anything which carries a deep meaning.

Mercury: To speak in an intensely purposeful and compelling manner that may intimidate other people. Communicating in an intensely egotistical way. Ideas concerning ways of actualizing life's meaning and purpose.

Venus: Battles of will in a love relationship -- the two people may be at odds about what each one finds important in life. Being attracted to people with extreme self-confidence, or who have a lack of confidence which they compensate for by attempting to dominate one. Intense willfulness when it comes to the fulfilling of one's desires and getting what one wants.

Mars: Aggressiveness expressed in an intensely willful manner, which can potentially make it difficult to work with others. An active and relentless focus on objectives. Engaging in power struggles with other people, or a battle of wills.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm that relentlessly holds to a purpose rather than becoming scattered. Eagerness expressed in a relentlessly willful fashion. Success achieved through tremendous self-discipline.

Saturn: The slow and gradual spiritualizing of the ego, which possibly happens through harsh, difficult or painful events. Being afraid of one's own personal power and the potential of misusing it. To feel tremendously oppressed by feelings of worthlessness which are only healed when one ceases to use outer, materialistic and/or superficial criteria to assess the self.

Chiron: Exposure to your energy helps others to recognize their own power, as well as to realize the deeper meanings at work in life. A person who has the ability to heal the egos of others by intensifying their self-esteem issues until a transformation is created.

Uranus: Being obsessively focused on one's own unique or unusual goals. Coming to realize life's deeper meanings through sudden experiences, or inspirations. A genius for questioning the meaning of life so deeply that one breaks through to the spiritual core and essence of the true meaning of existence.

Neptune: Personal power expressed in a refined or subtle manner. Obsessively focusing on goals drains one's energy. The ability to intuitively perceive the ego state of other people and the ways that it needs to be transformed.

Node: The people in one's life either encourage or try to undermine one's personal power. The need to grow into a greater and more extensive use of one's personal power. Ego defensiveness with this combination results in extremely retarded growth which can lead to drastic situations which are trying to help one to move forward.

Ascendant: One comes across to others as a powerful person, or, negatively, overbearing. Finding it easy to get the attention of other people. One who appears more powerful than they really are.

Midheaven: Power struggles in one's career, or with one's employer. An intense purposefulness when it comes to one's life's work. To have the reputation of being a powerful person.


  1. I have Mercury at the Sun/Pluto midpoint. In Scorpio.
    I thought people tend to step back and feel intimidated when i enter the landscape because of the tons of other aspects:
    - Asc in Leo, Asc sq Pluto, Asc sextile Mars
    - MC in Aries
    - Sun (gov of Asc) in Scorpio
    I thought this was enough to explain why people cease talking or laughing when i step in a room. So awqward.
    Now i realize is also the way i speak...

    But to be honest i feel possessed by the thought that i have to shake the existence of every human being i develop a sort of relationship with (be it friend, lover, colleague). If i didnt tell them a thing that disturbed them profoundly, that didnt make any difference in their lives, that didnt made them wonder about themselves and their rapport with the outer world so that they improve their condition or transform it, raise it to another level, if it dont hit them (mentally, verbally) with something so that i can shake their universe, if i dont do that with them i feel like something has been wasted, like my energy and their energy have came together for nothing, as if our encounter has been plain pointless.
    I love privacy to the point of fanatism, i hate to leave traces behind me in the outer world. But has become like my purpose in life to leave traces behind in the inner world of the individuals i meet. To tell them something that impacted them forever. Preferably in good. But could be also in bad (sounds like a nightmare).

    Cant understand, though, the primary motivation of doing this: whether is ego (as its damn satisfying only the idea that a certain person remembers me and what i told him on the last day of his life) or whether is my genuine interest and care for people (as i do love people authentically, behind any judgement i can issue about them).
    Maybe its the midpoint (the primary motivation).

  2. My sun/pluto= Uranus/saturn/MC. Am i supposed to be a power freak ?


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