Planets activating the Sun/Node midpoint

Principle: Sharing a mutual purpose when one connects with other people. Awareness of the need for growth and progress. Awareness of attachment to the past, and the tendency to be attached to the past because it feeds one's ego. Entering into new experiences with a sense of self-confidence.

Process: The continuous breaking down and building up of the ego that leads eventually to total harmonization with the Spiritual Light.

Moon: The emotional need to share life's meaning with other people, and to have meaningful relationships. To be vulnerable to others who make you feel important, because this makes you feel secure, with the danger of this retarding your ability to grow and change.

Mercury: The need to communicate about purposes shared with other people. Being flexible and open to negotiation when it comes to goals held in common with others. Thinking that is not progressive because it places too much importance on the past, but conversely thinking that can be very progressive when it sees purpose as something which is growing and evolving.

Venus: An appreciation of the need to evolve one's self-confidence and spiritualize one's ego. A love of gaining recognition from other people. Complacency caused by connecting with other people who stroke one's ego in a superficial way.

Mars: Consciousness of others' needs and purposes when one asserts oneself. One's assertiveness comes off too others as egotistical. Taking action because one is aware of the importance of personal growth, but negatively one takes action with the motive of maintaining the status quo due to one's ego attachment.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm directed toward reaching goals mutually held with others. A desire to proliferate meaningful connections with other people and to use one's connections to support the process of heightening awareness and reaching goals.

Saturn: Having difficulty finding a common purpose with others, but a need to work steadily and patiently toward this. A lack of self-confidence when dealing with other people. One's frustrations and fears are due to one's ego being overly attached to the past.

Chiron: People contacting your energy immediately have a sense about the purpose of the connections in their life, and an awareness of the direction in which they need to move. You instinctively help others to overcome their ego-attachment to the past.

Uranus: Needing others to recognize one's own unique importance. Original or unique contributions to the direction that a group is taking. The need for liberation from one's ego attachments to the past.

Neptune: To be unsure of one's relationship to a group, or to other people in general. To be idealistic about the purpose and meaning of one's connections with others. Clarity of intuition helps one to see the importance of encountering new experiences.

Pluto: To be arrogant in dealing with other people. The ability to help others to focus ever more deeply on a commonly held purpose. Tremendous difficulty in letting go of the past because one has convinced oneself of how important it is.

Ascendant: The tendency to want to form one's identity around goals held in common with other individuals or groups. One come's across as someone who can be connected with in a meaningful way. The need in relationships to always be exploring new meaning.

Midheaven: The need to continually strive toward a higher purpose in one's profession or work. Developing a reputation for being masterful or confident in dealing with groups or individuals.


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